Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Valentine's Day Decor (yes, already)

Happy Tuesday!
I really enjoyed seeing everyone's Christmas photos and hearing about your celebrations.
Makes me wish I had used my good camera for pics instead of my point and shoot.
I have been cooking big dinners every night (except Sunday- Mr. Funny made baked rigatoni and the big one and I were out shopping and had sushi) and I have made lots of cookies. I had tons of butter sticks left over from Thanksgiving and stocked up on sugar and flour and brown sugar so I just whipped up cookies every day.

Who's pants are snug? Are they mine?

The ping pong table was a huge hit as was the Kinect and the rest of Christmas was spent hanging out in the basement, eating cookies, and later, for me- online shopping.
Bath & Body Works had their big sale and I had a few gift cards and never even had to leave the house.

On Sunday, Mr. worked for me and the big one and I did our yearly day after Christmas shopping adventure and the stores did not disappoint.
I had received quite a few gift cards (love them) from various people and put them to good use.
We started at Marshall's where the big one declared that "there is absolutely nothing in this store for me."
I promised him sushi if he would be my personal assistant for the day and he obliged by holding my purse and sweater and bringing me things to try on.
I found Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Cynthia Rowley sweaters for $30 and some other top names for even less. I ended up with 5 sweaters, a tree skirt, an apothecary jar, a plate and some Caldrea products.
On the way to the checkout, I grabbed a few shirts for the big one and he was amazed at the name brands and the prices, you just have to look carefully and be patient (he does not and is not)

Then we attacked Pier 1 with the notion of stocking up on Christmas crap (can you use those 2 words next to each other?) but then I remembered how disgusted I get every year when I have so much to lug up from the morgue (the weird closet in our basement with the long, odd shelves- the little one named it the morgue when we first moved in) so instead, I got Valentine's Day place settings (which I already put out to enjoy) and a single Christmas decoration.

The small candy dish has been in my family for a long time, every other item is from Pier 1

see the dust?

love the white underside of these cute bowls, breaks up the red (that is not a chip, it is the way the light hit it)

a work in progress

too bad they only had one of these

I want to fill this with something red and pretty. Red hots?

We then went to the mall and figured out where the entire city was.
The big one found some cute Toms and lots of shirts, and a scarf while I stocked up at The Body Shop on their holiday gift packages (I do this every year and then rarely have to get bath stuff through the year) and lotions (love the shea whipped lotion)

I saved the best for last.
I could sleep on a cot in that store and never see the same things twice.
If my mother was alive, we would move there.
My goal was finding the perfect bronzer.
I started by asking the girl what the best sellers were.
She said Too Faced brand, Tarte, and Lorac (pronounced Lo-ROC which is the girl who invented the product's (Carol) name spelled backwards)
Now to be honest, I have been using this Cover Girl bronzer forever but it doesn't stay on for very long and for $4, I can reapply.
I decided to go all out and get a new one. An expensive one. One that would make me colorful and pretty and all the girls would hate me and all the boys would cry.
No seriously.
I had the Too Faced in my hand, and then this sweet, if not way too clingy, woman struck up a conversation with us about how the website (Too Faced) was having a huge sale and did I want to spend that much and how she had oily skin and hated primer but loved the eyeshadows and what makeup did I wear and blah, blah. Of course she talked mostly to the big one because I was in Bronzer Decision 2010 mode and nothing was going to stand in my way.
I went back to the Loroc, checked out the Nars (the Super Orgasm blush and lipgloss are my next buys) and sideswiped the Bare Minerals. I waved at the Tarte and if you are still reading this, I bought the cotton picking Lorac. And also, the eye kit.
For the price of a trip to the grocery store.
And I adore it all. It is still on after a busy day of work and a short nap on the sofa.

I have all of the Christmas decor sitting on the table ready to pack away, just need the energy to do it.

Lots of things happening with the restaurant. Same things, just too fast.
The franchise president is being a dick (no other word seems to fit) and has now gone back on his word in allowing us until the end of January to restructure (get a new sign, change menus, find comparable products, find a new name and logo, paint the building, etc...)
He told my husband that for a tidy sum, we could have another month but today we found out we can no longer order the products we have been and the companies we use for our waffle irons, linens, and food are all contracted with the company so we are cut off (the waffle iron company is willing to give us more time after a nice phone call) so my husband stopped payment on the check and has a lawyer appt. early tomorrow.
These things really suck because this company has always been difficult and never has been concerned with it's franchisees, just the bottom dollar. (we always planned on changing over when the franchise agreement expired)
Then their CEO was embezzling funds and not paying bills and our our franchise fees were going to pay off their other debts while they tried to make us use inferior products to compensate. Meanwhile, the bank came in and took over and tried to save more franchises from going under and tried to force us to pay all of our back franchise fees at once (when the economy took a dive, we made smaller payments to them and they were fine with that, we just have slowly increased what we owe them slowly- a lot of people have had to do this) or they threatened to take our franchise and sue us (sadly, they have no money to sue us) which is when we got an attorney. Since we weren't sure the franchise fees we were sending them were even going to what they were intended for, our lawyer suggested we work out a deal and get out from under the franchise, and then create our own business using a new name and LLC.
The deal was made and we have been waiting for the bank loan approval (2 weeks) and then they decide to all of a sudden act like assholes.
I am done now.

Say a prayer for us (mostly my husband who has been scrambling around making phone calls and dealing with this)


  1. okay, now I'm curious what franchise you are part of, email me, I promise your privacy is my privacy, mums the word. It does sound like a terrible thing to be part of and hats off to your husband for his persistence in getting this all straightened out.

    I think it is neat you and the Big One had a chance to do some shopping together, I bet it was a lot of fun!

    love the Valentine's decorations; you are definitely ahead of the game!!

    Happy New Year!


  2. I need another cup of coffee!

    I just realized it is raining here. Yuck.

    I've stayed away from all stores. I need nothing, so don't need the temptation to buy things I don't need. Yea that you and the big one got such good deals.

    I don't have a single Valentine's day decoration, but sure do like yours.

    Hope you get all of your franchise issues sorted out soon!

  3. Love, LOVE your Valentine's decor! I can't wrap my head around that one, yet. My tree is still up. Will be until New Year's.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Yikes! You should do the shopping thing for a living! Just sayin'

    Love the new blog look. You are (crazy)totally steps ahead (of everyone) for getting all ready for Valentines already!

    I'm going to have the Hubby read your post... maybe he has some "ideas" (lawyer like) on your franchise dilema. You never know.

  5. Sounds like no fun. Boo. At least you will smell good when you sweat it all out!

  6. Now I'm ready to put my valentines decorations out.
    I have been too scared to go to the stores, so they will not have anything left by the time I get to them!
    You could put heart garland in that jar unless you want something edible.

  7. I have more to say but I am typing on my barbie size phone keyboard so...I will just tell you FL is FREEZING!! I am white & frozen solid so u don't have 2 hate...my butt is frozed like a Christmas ham...

  8. I may have to take a nap after reading this post!

    Hope all the nasty people go away soon! And I will live vicariously through your shopping adventures!

  9. Glad I'm not the only one putting V Day stuff out! Love your table, especially the placemats. The red throw came from Target. They still have them!


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