Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apron from the girls at work

I haven't really had much time to post this week.
I have been very busy at work with all of the travelers and locals bringing in their families for meals and today I needed to get Christmas bonuses and cards addressed for our employees.
I have been eating badly, mostly just soup at work and then pb&j when I get home washed down with a Dr. Pepper.
I know.

The house has stayed clean for an entire week and I am on top of dishes and laundry and all the gifts are bought  (need to be wrapped) and I just feel down.
No wind beneath my wings, energy zapped, wind sucked out of me.
It always happens.
After the holidays there are months of long, dreary, cold days and nothing exciting to look forward to.

I will give you the shortest version of the trip (for the long one, go to Mel's blog)

Got to Eureka Springs Sat, got pulled over (45mph in a 25) and got a warning, met D and Mel for a quick bite (salad), checked in, shopped, napped, shopped, had dinner, had drinks, had more drinks, followed the (loud) sound of Lady Gaga to a really cool bar and had more drinks, tried on many hats, danced awkwardly (I used to be a good dancer- something happened), went to bed, got up, checked out, had brunch, shopped, went for a spa treatment (full body exfoliation) and pedicure (my first), shopped, exchanged gifts with each other, went to dinner, drove home.
Cute new boots

Necklace I designed and had made

Ready to go home to bed now
Wow, I look tired
Coconut cream pie to make you cry (we had dessert first and then lunch)
OPI-  Overexposed in South Beach (I totally had to buy it)

Tomorrow (my birthday) I am going to have dinner/drinks with a girl from work and tackle this gift wrapping and hopefully get some grocery shopping done and meals planned.


  1. Love the boots! I know what you mean about feeling down. I just have not been into CHRISTmas this year. I am so sick of wrapping gifts!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS GIRL!! I told Mel, you girls make me cry for a sister (or a few)! Hope this is your BEST YEAR yet!!!

  3. Totally in agreement with the dessert before lunch thing!

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is fabulous and full of all things that make you smile!

  4. Happy Birthday dear!

    Love that apron. So perfect.

    Christmas is always a downer for me too. I think it has something to do with the amount of work involved to get there. I will sleep deeply after everyone goes home tomorrow... assuming they are able to get here. If the snow stops them, you will hear my screams from here to there!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ummm, the previous comment from Sugarbush was from me. I accidentally signed in as a squirrel ;). Kind of appropriate, don't you thinik?

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm reading this late so I hope your day was great!
    I like the idea of going on a Birthday weekend every year...Hmmm.


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