Thursday, December 30, 2010

Makeup Your Mind

At any given time, during visits with my sisters, the conversation turns to cosmetics.
More specifically, lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss.

Our mother, God rest her precious soul, taught us from a very young age that no matter what is going on in your life, you must always dress the lips.
Every year, she would buy me Lancome Champagne lipstick for my birthday and at the cost of it, I would make it last all year till I got the new shiny one. 

wowzer, that was some bright lipstick!

We are all makeup whores, not meaning we dress up in tons of makeup and sell our bodies, but rather, we collect and wear makeup like it is our jobs.
I am not even kidding; one year, I had a friend who sold Mary Kay and she gave me a free makeover complete with tons of free cosmetics and I woke up that morning throwing up all of my vital organs and I still managed to shower, blow dry, and put on perfume and lipstick. And I had to stop the car twice to barf and once to get a 7Up and a travel toothbrush but I still made it there for that makeover.

The point of this story, and there is in fact one, is that we love to try out new makeup but when we find a lip product that we love, we get very hostile when they discontinue it.
Loreal had some gorgeous colors in a gold tube for $5 this past summer and I bought all of them.
(My heart belongs to Cupcake from Bare Minerals and Couture Shine from Lorac but for $5, I was hooked.
Taffeta, Gilded Pink and Fairest Nude were my favorites and I stocked up but then I got cocky and stopped buying the Taffeta because I had 3 tubes and then one day I was almost out. Gone.
A trip to Target, Walmart, KMart, Nada.
The ride had ended, game over. Devastation. Shallow people suffer too, don cha know?
I moved on but I never forgot my friend. Taffeta.
I decided on Christmas night to Google it.
There. It. Was. had 4 tubes for $18. One set left.

And then there was light.

Not sure what I will do after these 4 tubes are gone. Maybe a crazy family member can go get a high-up from Loreal and bring them to my house as a hostage (like the cousin did to Clark's boss when he didn't get the bonus check he was putting toward a pool in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) and make them swear they will start making it again.

Some of my B&B Works stuff I ordered came today.


  1. My favorite makeup always gets discontinued, and it makes me mad! Have you checked to see if there is a dupe that lipstick?
    Do you ever watch the youtube videos for makeup? I can totally see you doing videos on makeup.

  2. Ohhhhh! I know what you mean about the discontinuing a lipstick shade thing. Absolutely HATE that. Soooo happy for you that you found some at Overstock!

  3. I take it this means you haven't got my gift yet or else this post would not be complete.

  4. I loved your mother's advice, too cute!! You know I don't wear much makeup but I really need to start to, might need to have a makeover myself this new year.

    (got your email, will answer it tonight when I have more time :)


  5. I think I'm a long lost sister of yours. I would never think of leaving the house without AT LEAST foundation, mascara and lipstick on. And I know about stocking up too. There are several shades of Color Stay that I buy in volumes because I'm so afraid they're going to be discontinued! Congratulations on your purchase!


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