Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday (but I wish it was Friday)

It's Tuesday friends and I am already tired.

Here is all I have today:
  • I love Dexter! The season was awesome as always and I enjoyed Julia Stiles in her part as a serial killers' accomplice. I hate to have to wait months to see new episodes.
  • I still have not had a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks yet. What is wrong with me? It IS December 14th, for hell's sake.
  • I am leaving early Saturday to meet my sister's in Eureka Springs for my new annual birthday weekend getaway. I can NOT wait! We have some shopping, eating, drinking, and spa treatments planned. I hope we get a haunted room at the Basin. (if my husband is reading this, he is rolling his eyes)
  • I am getting a massage on Thursday morning. I have had a gift certificate for a year and it expires this month. I can't believe I waited a year to use it (I actually lost and just found it a few weeks ago while cleaning drawers)
  • Since I am getting a massage right before my trip, I decided on a full body exfoliation plus a few other things while my sisters are getting massaged at the spa.
  • It is so cold right now. It was 9 degrees Sunday and 1 yesterday morning.
  • Our (huge) Toys For Tots box at work has been filled 3 times this month already. People have been very generous despite the economy- it really warms my heart!
  • I have all of my Christmas decor finished. Except the tree. I hate putting up the tree.
Here is the dining room:
I forgot my napkins and napkin rings...rats.

Pier 1 clearance, baby!

Who IS that weirdo?

  • Pier 1 is discontinuing the Fresh Fig diffuser. Why? I adore that scent.
  • All of my shows are over for the season. I guess I will have to find another hobby. Any ideas? 
  • My son does not want to go to college anymore, at least not right now. He is depressed, not sure who he is or what he wants to do and does not want to live at home and work and go to a local junior college while he figures it out. He wants a job and an apartment with friends. All of this makes me just sick because he went from a 5 year full scholarship to this. There is a long story to all of this but I just keep praying and praying for God to show him the way but God's sense of humor is making me a little nervous. He does not want to live here with our crazy rules (going to bed at a decent hour, getting up by 9am, picking up after yourself, getting a job, speaking nicely to others, etc.....) and he thinks if he moves away he will magically be happier and find his way. I know he is an adult but I am still his mom and I worry all of the time. I want him to be here under our roof again from time to time but when he is, I feel like pulling my hair out. 
  • My other son has decided he wants to go to college for Engineering and then onto the Navy. He has a couple years to decide but goals are nice. I can live with this a little easier than when he wanted to go straight into the Marine Corp right out of school. Maybe I should talk the big one into the military- he could use some serious ass kicking and he is already used to being yelled at to get up every morning. He would feel right at home.
  • I have tons of stuff to wrap, a few things that are wrapped and ready to mail and some small things yet to buy. Is anyone else being a slug this year or is it just me? Maybe after my mini vacation, I will jump on it!
  • We got a Christmas card today from the dogs. Our 4 dogs, Molly-Kona-Skip and Finn, all signed the card and it had no return address. I am baffled.
  • I stopped sending out cards a few years ago but at one time, I used to mail out and give around 100! I only get a few now and I miss getting them but don't like sending them. I do give my employees a card with a Christmas bonus every year.  
  • The heat at work is struggling, we need a new unit. $20,000. *sigh*
    • We (the boys and I) are going to be baking everything under the sun next week. 

    Do you have some yummy cookie/candy recipes for us? I would love to hear them.


    1. I was in your neck of the woods today and thought of you. I haven't been there so far when I've had time to eat (or drink) but hopefully soon.

      Sounds like your dogs could teach my dogs a thing or two. Mine have never sent me a card.

    2. Ooh, very pretty decor! You put my house to shame.

      And I am so intrigued by this card from the dogs! I can't even get my husband to buy me a card.

    3. Get off your butt and get that Peppermint Mocha before they're gone again, Gurl!
      I hope you get a haunted room too!
      ROTF LMAO....seriously, toooo funny...getting a card from your dogs!

    4. Jeez you could have had 5 different posts with all this. Ha
      I love your Hutch with the red in it.
      Too funny about the card from the dogs. Do you think your hubby is playing a trick on you? :)

      Your son will figure it out sooner or later. He might need to take the year off to realize he really does want school. Some kids are just wired that way.

    5. That is so neat about the toy box being filled up 3 times!! Its nice people are thinking of others less fortunate.

      Your decorations are adorable; very festive and you are so talented in putting things together!

      You know, I totally understand about your son and you wanting to keep him around, protect him, etc. Sometimes they just need to go out and learn themselves how hard it is to be out on their own. My only advice DON'T CO-SIGN ON AN APARTMENT for him/friends. If he wants to be out on his own, then let him take it all on. We learned the hard way about co-signing and we aren't doing that again :)

      On the other hand, Little One has some great career plans!


    6. Hi, been watching you (reading you, whatever you want to call it). You make me laugh, and relate. I have also been checking Pioneer Woman Cooks (love her photos) site for cookie recipes for the holidays and think that I might try her butter toffee since it uses basic ingredients (ok it was the butter that caught my eye, yum). Here is the link to the recipe.


    7. I am just not into CHRISTmas this year either. Maybe I should meet you in Eureka! Since I can't, I hope you get a haunted room, too!

    8. People really are generous. We don't hear enough about how good folks are.

      Your house is definitely looking a lot like Christmas. Very pretty.

      It might be time to let the big one do his thing and get it out of his system. He will grow up. It is just a matter of time. Patience dear.

      I've learned not to try any of the new high calorie drinks, because then I just want more!

    9. here is my cookie recipe: buy a bag of oreo's!!! Go ahead, call me Martha! ha! I think i put a mexican hot chocolate cookie on last year, give me a shout if you want it (there is chocolate and ceyanne pepper..i know i spelled that wrong)
      is that a plate sticking out of a drawer?????????? the red plate/black table thingy?!?!?
      Your decor looks great even without a tree!


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