Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping for Dummies

Um, hi.
I am almost too disgusted with myself to admit this but as of today, there isn't a decoration to be seen in this house of mine.
Well, except for the evergreen -smelling pinecones and such in the vase.

One of my servers was talking about it today.
"Oh, I need to get my guest bedroom tree up. I have all my others trees up and I am so bored with all my gifts bought and wrapped and all my decor out already, I am sure Funny, that your house looks just devine as usual with all your pretty decor and talent."
I said I had nothing, nothing and also nothing done or even started or even brought up from the basement yet.
But I do have my pretty Pier 1 jewel tone glasses in my china cabinet and she said,  right before I knocked her to the floor "ohhhhh, I could put out my Christmas dishes in the china cabinet tonight, how exciting!!"
People who have nothing to do are just sad, aren't they?

I will say this.
We are very close to being finished with all of our shopping.
Yesterday, we grabbed the little one, who was home sick with a sinus infection, and went to the city.
He had been to the doctor and was feeling better by 11am.
We got to the city, grabbed the big one from his last class of the day and went to the Olive Garden for an early dinner before hitting the mall.

We went to Barnes and Noble for my MIL's gift, a Nook color and a cover for it. Then some games and books for various peeps.

We made our next stop at Sephora in the mall, which promptly caused my husband to make an emergency exit to Best Buy. Smart man.
The big one wanted some under eye dark circle bag diminisher (takes after his mother) and spared no expense where my money was concerned.
The saleswoman didn't seem shocked that a man would be worried about his eye bags and helped him out while I sniffed and sampled.
The verdict is that he got this:
Which I am putting in his stocking.
And I looked for a bronzer and ended up not getting the Tarte bronzer I wanted the other day because it looked better online.
Moving on, we went to The Body Shop because I had a discount birthday card plus another coupon.
I got some of this for my horrible dry skin,

Meanwhile, the big one was creating his own scented lotions out of essential oils and also got some of this:

and kept the saleslady laughing and busy (it was totally like shopping with my mom- I swear at one point she took over his body) while I tried to figure out where the little one had hidden out of humiliation gone.
Game Stop. To look for more stupid video games
Of course.

We made it to a few more stores where I picked up some rather expensive clothes and jeans gifts for the boys (they picked them out and I am going to wrap them and say Surprise!! on Christmas morning.)

The entire time, I had my eyes peeled for some tall, black leather boots but since I don't have stick figure legs, it was a bust.
We made a quick stop at Aldo for these:

for the big one who has his own urban weird style. Whatev.
Anywho. Every time they asked for something, I either said yes or no and if the answer was yes, it was followed with "for Christmas"
This way is just too easy.
(I do have some surprise gifts for them so don't call me lazy just yet.)

I swooned at a store called Apricot Lane, oh how pretty everything was.

The boys had a great time shopping for each other and their cousins and by 9 pm, we were done.
I still have a few small things to get which I will pick up on our girls weekend in Eureka.

Wrapping will be done on Thursday.
There may or may not be a tree to put them under, we will all cross our fingers, ok?

Gotta get the kid to band practice and go on a boot hunt!
Wish me luck!

Please go over here and read this, if you have dogs, you will appreciate the humor.


  1. Other than a few (VERY FEW) stocking stuffers, I have NOTHING purchased by way of Christmas gifts. Worse yet, I have NO game plan. UGH. I'd trade you your no decorations but all your shopping done for my somewhat decorated house and NO GIFTS....please?

  2. Nice work! I need that eye bag depuffer.

  3. Will you take me shopping for CHRISTmas? I'm like a kid in a candy store at Sephora!

  4. The house is decorated but no presents are purchased. Just opposite of you. This cold weather isn't going to help matters any.

  5. good for you for getting the shopping almost done!! we're like Deanna, house decorated, but not too many gifts, but then I don't have to buy too many so that could be good! your shopping expedition sounded like lots of fun for all!


  6. I'd gladly trade the decorated house for the shopping being done. You're ahead of the game as far as I'm concerned!


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