Sunday, January 16, 2011

27 Days

I hate it when it's freezing and snowing and there are months of the nasty weather left and someone comes up to you/calls you/writes on their blog that they are going someplace warm and sunny and beachy and tropical and I say "oh, how fun!, you are so lucky!" when I am thinking, "oh, goody for you, I am stuck here in the cold with no end in sight, why don't we ever go on those kind of vacations" and then I whine and pout to my husband who says "save your money and quit shopping and we can go somewhere fabulous" (ok, he never uses the word fabulous) omg that was a long sentence

Well. My day has come.

Next month, for our anniversary, 27 days from now, we are going to Hawaii.

I am not going to brag about this trip to you every single day and be one of those people but seriously, I have never been anywhere like this before.
We did stop at the beach in Florida once on the way to my grandfather's funeral and I climbed a palm tree and got prickles in my jeans. It was a short stop. 
We went to the Jersey shore in November once and the Gulf in March (uncle's funeral) but never on an actual vacation where we could relax on the beach in the warm weather.

It was kind of a last minute decision and we got really lucky because we only have a short time to take off work, the flight schedule was crazy and we had no passports so we had a decision to make.
Key West, St. Thomas or Hawaii.
Key West was iffy. The weather was 60 degrees that day and there was no guarantee it would get above 70 with the weird weather they have been having.
St. Thomas was great but the travel time was going to be too much, we would have little time to actually vacation and lots of time in airports and on planes.
There were no good flights for what we needed to Hawaii.
I went home and prayed. My husband got an email later that day from the travel agent giving us a package deal that we could not turn down.

But. Our GM is having cataract surgery, our restaurant is undergoing huge changes, we have 4 dogs and 2 kids- neither of which can drive right now (the kids, that is), and a schedule which can change anytime for any reason, and often does.
We booked it.
My husband wanted Honolulu since he had been there twice before and I wasn't picky. Maui was out because there were not any flights that coincided with the times we had available (I highly recommend a travel agent because when I tried to book stuff online myself, I was beyond confused, with the agent, I just told her what we had timewise, where we wanted to go and what we were willing to give up- she was amazing)
I have been making lists of what I want to do, what I need to bring, wear, etc....
So here is what I need from you (lurkers included!!) people who are experienced tropical travelers.
What should I bring? Wear? Do? See? 
I plan to buy everything I can here and online to save money. I will probably shop some there but I want to save my money for food and drinks and activities.
Any good online sites for sundresses, swim suits, etc? 
I did order these 2 things.

It is still kind of early for that kind of thing in the stores here. Should we bring towels or buy them there? 

We will be whale watching, snorkeling, swimming, sunning, hiking, renting a car/mopeds to sight see, swimming with dolphins, touring the Dole pineapple farm, seeing the USS Arizona, going on a haunted tour to see orbs, drinking, eating, and maybe going to a luau. I would also like to take a ukelele class, learn to hula and learn how to pronounce the state fish, the humuhumunukunukupuaa.
I will not be: surfing, scuba diving, swimming with manta rays or sharks (on purpose anyway), helicopter riding, rock climbing, parasailing, going to nude beaches (sorry honey) cliff diving, wearing a thong bathing suit, (deep sigh from all of Hawaii) eating puffer fish, or golfing.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh WOW! This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. And it sounds like you really need it, you've been through alot. Kids, dogs, restaurant - they will still be here when you get back. HAVE FUN! We used to go to Florida every year. By year 10, I had my traveling clothes down to 2 bathing suits, 3 pairs of shorts and shirts and one all purpose sundress. Oh, and flip flops. LOTS of flip flops. Have fun! Kat

  2. How fun! We go to Mexico every couple of years, this past year twice. When our kids were young however, we were lucky to take vacations. Enjoy yourselves, and relax. Absorb every ray of sunshine, every whiff of tropical flower, and make many, many memories! Have a wonderful trip. Sandi

  3. I'm jealous! I have hardly been out of Missouri, so I can't help ya. I'm lovin' the sundress and shirt you ordered! Very cute!

    I keep trying to say the name of that fish now.

  4. That sounds like a dream vacation! I agree with Kat about the clothes, mix and match clothes are the best, just include a nice dressy dress with heels (if you wear them) and a pair of pants and dress shirt for your hubby, in case you eat at a nice reservation-only restaurant. And regardless of what you forget to take, have a blast.

    Any time I travel I start taking probiotic a couple of days before, to avoid any disruption during travel and any new food.

  5. Ooooooo!!! I am jealous! I have NEVER been to Hawaii. And I'm a dang flight attendant!! You are going to rock.

  6. I so want to be you... sigh...

    I've found crazy cute shoes at Their selection is amazing. The prices are not bad and if you hit a sale shoe you can get some good deals.

    The sundress is very cute. So is the top.

    Don't pack towels! They weigh too much. I've never been to Hawaii but I've done a lot of cruising. Each time we go I bring less. All you really need is swimsuits and coverups and something to wear when you go out to eat.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!


  7. I've never been there so I don't know what you should see or do, but I know I'm super jealous!!! I hope you have the time of your life!

  8. Whoo Hoo!!!

    So excited for you. I want to go too!

    First of all, just know that Hawaii is sooo laid back you will not need anything too dressy. Those sundresses are cute. It can sprinkle this time of year so you might want a light jacket. It doesn't last long but still...

    We take towels if we take the golf clubs because the hubby likes to cushion his clubs with them. We usually stay in a condo so we prefer our own beach towels.

    That sounds like a lot on your agenda... don't forget to just relax. Nothing moves quickly in Hawaii, and that includes the locals. Ha.

  9. You're going to love Hawaii! I always wanted to go there and never thought I would get the chance, but when I finally got the opportunity to go, I felt like I was in heaven the whole time! It was a dream trip. There is so much to do in Oahu. I was so surprised Honolulu is as big as it is. The beaches are gorgeous! We would drive and explore...we stopped by Dog the Bounty Hunter's office (they were closed but it was cool seeing it) and we went to the Pali Overlook which has hurricane force winds...glad you are going to Pearl Harbor. Its a must see. I brought more clothes than I day I wore my 1 pc bathing suit with a cute coverup and flip flops as we toured around. Have a wonderful time!! Christy

  10. My hawaii pictures are on my facebook...

    Lucky girl!!


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