Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A concert, some products and a dream

The district concert was awesome!
I think it is so amazing that these kids audition for districts, then, a few months later they meet with the other students and the conductor at 8 am. They are given 4 pieces of music and have to perfect and play this music at a concert at 6pm that night.
And they sound unbelievable.

The little one asked me to take his photo (I was going to insist on it anyway) for Facebook.

his lips are very swollen from playing all day and night, he had been up since 5am

boy is he cute!!!

I don't have much else to prattle on with tonight- maybe a few bullets.

  • We stopped at Barnes & Noble after the concert and dinner. I was dying for a cup of coffee but had to work the next morning so I ordered decaf. I tried to use my Starbucks gift card. They don't take them because they are owned by B&N. 

  • You can train your brain to dislike things that are too sweet. Kind of. I used to love the caramel mochas at Starbucks but lately started getting the skinny vanilla latte. It is good, hot and hits the spot and after tasting the little one's super sweet caramel creation, mine was better.

  • I keep hearing about customers of ours that are in or going to Hawaii. I hope I don't see anyone I know there. What happens in Hawaii better stay in Hawaii.

  • I got a new book for the plane but I couldn't wait to read it so I started it last night. Then I had weird dreams all night.


  • My face is all cleared up. Don't know what I did differently but I am happy. Last week I tried a new foundation with a little more coverage for winter. I really love it, my skin is even and smooth, it goes on easily, is lightweight and feels great.


  • I also got some of this stuff. It isn't exactly the same as the stuff my sister uses but I have a bad reaction to salicylic acid so it is close enough. For the price it is worth a try. I love going into Sephora and finding these great products but I am saving my $$ for my vacation so this will do.


Plus, There is no guarantee that the $55 stuff at Sephora even works.
  • I dreamed the other night that when we got to Hawaii, we dropped off our luggage and quickly put our suits on to head down to the beach (probably how it's going to happen in real life) and when we got to the beach by our hotel, my mom was sitting on a hot pink and white striped towel with her face up toward the sun. I walked up to her and when she saw me she said "now THIS is heaven. I woke up right then. (and now I am crying as I am sure Mel will too after she reads this- our mom loved sitting in the sun with her face turned up and smiling and always a glass of iced tea next to her, as do I. I think I am going to take her little urn with me. On the lookout for a hot pink and white striped towel too.

Gotta get to bed. Back to work tomorrow and a busy week ahead of us.
Have a great one!!!


  1. I was always amazed at the way those kids could come together in such a short time and pull off an amazing concert. That and sight reading competitions always just astounded me. Have fun getting ready for your vacation! Kat

  2. Why do you do that to me!?

    Little one is so freaking cute! I saw his pics on FB and wanted to tell him what a doll he is but figured he'd unfriend me.

    My word verification is blogisms. Funny.

  3. I'll bet that concert experience was amazing. You have every right to be as proud as you look!

    The dream with your mom in it is very sweet. She is always with you, dear.

    I recently happened on to the Revlon Photo Ready too and like it.

  4. YaY! for an amazing concert!

    YaY! for brain/tastebuds retraining.

    YaY! for your face clearing up!

    Double YaY! for fantastic dreams about loved ones gone too soon...

  5. Love the suit, it looks really good in it!

    That's your bag (not his) on the bench, right? :)

    Very clever S word useage. :)

  6. Little One is a cutie!!!! And wow, that district concert sounds amazing. I can't even imagine doing something like that, and while you're that young too. Very cool.


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