Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brrrrr. And bleh. Oh, and brrrrr.

Customer comment of the day:
"It's colder'n a pickle out there! Heck, it's colder'n 2 pickles!

me- "yeah, a FROZEN pickle, wouldn't that be a picklesickle?"

love my job

Sadly again, I had a crappy day.
It hovered around 4 degrees this morning, snowed lightly most of the day and heater at work is not keeping up. It kept falling to around the low 60's and had to be shut off and restarted a few times. I am trying so hard to be positive but the insurance company doesn't want to cover a new unit so it is looking like we are going to have foot the entire $20,000 bill. The water heater is also mostly terminal.
Oh, the money pit.
Honestly though, I am really starting to love talking to people (hush Mel- I mean talk to strangers, I have no trouble talking to friends and family) and am finding that I really care about things I never cared about, like people

I detest January though.
My face has broken out terribly, due to stress and the dry weather (thank God for some amazing concealer, or spackle as I call it these days), my house is just this side of chaos and I am sick of the snow and cold and wind.

Today I worked until 6 or so working on the new menu and gave up waiting for our logo person to stop by.
Tomorrow we have a meeting at 10am with the menu guy (we totally use technical terms here) and later, the coffee guy to try hundreds of coffees (sounds shaky- ha!) and the big one starts his job (amen) and our general manager has an eye appt. to see if her cataracts are bad and how long she will need to be off work, and we need to fine tune the name and logo and I have got to get some groceries and go to Sam's and Target at some point.

I wanted to come home today and cry, I was so frustrated. The big one was sitting on the computer, he had colored his hair very blond, dishes all around him, full dishwasher with clean dishes, laundry waiting for me, and dogs who needed to go out and get their wiggles out. I walked past the half bath and saw hair color mess all over along with shampoo, conditioner, pomade a hair dryer and a towel wadded up on the sink.
I went straight upstairs, put on yoga pants, a comfy shirt and went back down to sit by the fire with my new Real Simple amgazine. Little one was watching the Office (again) and when I sat down, he changed the Netflix to Ghost Adventures without a word spoken (I love that kid) and picked up is iPod Touch to play a game. I watched a few episodes before falling into a coma in that warm, cozy room (I think I was sleeping on 62 ties that the big one had laid out to see what ensemble he was wearing to work tomorrow)
Now it is midnight and I forgot to eat dinner and I am dying for a cold Dr.Pepper and I am so glad I didn't cry after all.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

ps, I did make the big one clean all his messes up after my nap and I love that kid too but he is really pushing his luck with me.

pps, apparently my misery is entertaining because I gained 4 followers in a weeks time, which leads me to say: misery loves company- ha!


  1. Hi, I'm one of your four and have been following (not stalking mind you) for a while but never did it officially. You are hysterical, with your everyday life (chaos) and I think so many of us can relate with it. You have a knack for expressing your feelings. What type of restaurant do you have, maybe we can help with a catchy name, if you don't mind a little more craziness in your life. Anyway...nice to meet ya.

  2. There is so much to deal with in the beginning, but eventually the load will lighten and this will get better!

  3. It doesn't sound like our weather is going to improve anytime soon, unfortunately. The restaurant may be a money pit, buy it is your money pit by golly! I can't wait to hear what you come up with for a name.

    Glad you didn't cry but remember a good cry is not a bad thing!

  4. First of all, you make me smile! Thank you for the plug on your blog. I hope I get readers again...who knows if I will. But still, thanks.
    I left FaceB too. I just came back a few months ago. This time, less drama. more sincerity.
    Glad you found me. So good to read a familiar blog and feel at home in Blogger World.


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