Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Bits and Pieces

Last night, in casual conversation, the little one mentioned that he had a district concert on Saturday and needed some dress clothes ironed.
I had totally forgot about this concert, I know there is one on Tuesday and Thursday is the BIG one (they got invited to play for the state band competition and only 5 out of 500 get chosen) so I had planned on taking him to get fitted for a suit Saturday. I know his dress pants from last concert are 3 inches too short by now too.
He has to be at the school at 6am Saturday so our best option was today.
I pulled him out of school early and we went to the city.

I knew there was no way we were going to find his size (30/36) pants off the rack so I made a few calls and found a very nice family-owned suit shop.
When we walked in, I told her what I needed and when. Was that even possible? Of course, she said.
The couple that own the store are amazing! The wife showed him some styles (he liked pinstripes), measured him (while chuckling at his size- he is 6 ft. 3 in. with very broad shoulders, super long legs and a teeny waist), and handed her husband the pants and jacket. He altered them and steamed them in 30 minutes while we picked out 2 ties, socks, a belt and a shirt (he wanted plain white)
Customer service is all I'm saying people.
And the price was amazing as well.

it looks gray but it is black

Then we went to Marshalls where I found him some dress shoes and a few things for my trip.

Sunglasses. Kenneth Cole and Fossil. $13 a pair and a case for $5.

Then onto Best Buy so little one could use his gift card (he didn't find anything) and then Target.
I have swimsuit bottoms that I love in black so I like to mix and match different tops (it was so hard to find the perfect bottoms that cover all the territory and don't creep and crawl into crevices (alliteration, Mel)- the process took at least 8 months off my life last summer)
I tried on a few different tops and sent the photos to my husband to help me choose but he took it as a show pervert instead of helping me so I just grabbed one.
It is reversible.

I was going to get a headband too but as I walked around with them in my hand trying to decide which one I liked the best, I got sidetracked and ended up with all 3 in the end.

My sister is doing a post on how to clean while saving the planet and here is my contribution.
Love this stuff. It smells like lemons and is all natural. 


We don't have a recycling place here in our town except for paper and plastic but we have a trailer at work that all of the cardboard, cooking oil jugs and dishwasher soap buckets go into. It is a huge trailer and we almost have to haul it in to be emptied every week because a lot of the businesses close by use it to. It costs us nothing and saves the planet.

I use Aveda products and Body Shop which are planet friendly too but when I clean, I use Clorox Clean Up, Barkeepers friend, Guardsman furniture polish, Murphys oil soap, and Windex. I use vinegar on puppy pee, the coffee maker, and to get rid of odors in laundry, carpet and such. I use baking soda in the fridge and in the laundry for odors as well.

gets out stains on counters, toilets and sinks

makes my stainless sink, silverware, and pans sparkle

great for my furniture, I use it once a month to keep wood from drying out

use it to clean cabinets, on floors, and to wipe furniture for weekly cleanings

gets out carpet stains, good on glass and everything else
I got a tanning membership yesterday so I could get a little color before I go on our trip.
I got some color. Pink. On my chest, bottomous, upper back and upper half of my arms. (yes I wore a bra and panties. It didn't really hurt, just itched a bit and I soaked it with shea lotion. 
Next time I will go for less time.

My Zappos order arrived today. 
Can you tell which ones are mine?  I made him pick out some sandals and send me his picks (he will not wear flip flops or slides so I chose those.)
these are called Roxy Honolulu (so of course I had to have them!)
Havaianas slim (the best in my opinion, rate right up there with my Ugg flip flops but half the price)

Tevas, tolerable but not my first choice, better than his old sandals

So there you go. 
Friday Fashion and cleaning products all together.
Have a great weekend.


  1. The bikini is very cute - love the checkers! Thanks for your contribution, now leave it in the comments so others can benefit from your vast knowledge.

  2. The little one is amazingly fall and skinny. You were very fortunate to find a tailor. The checkered bikini top is cute. I was amazed to see that I used many of the same products that you do.

  3. Love, LOVE the bikini top AND love that it's reversible!

    Great find on the tailor. YIKES...You have one skinny dude!


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