Monday, January 3, 2011

I just woke at 9am and it is quite lovely.
For those of you with little kids, the days will come when your kids turn into teenagers and want to sleep all day and you have to get them up at an "unholy hour" (son's words) which is 9am in my house, so they can join the world of the living.
They usually crawl downstairs to the sofa and attempt to catch more zzzzzz's but we are making coffee and starting our daily load of laundry and feeding heathen dogs, which have forgotten that they ate yesterday so it is like "OMG, we get to eat AGAIN???? how exciting, let's act like freaks!" so really? sleep doesn't happen for them.
Much like the dogs, the boys forget easily.
Pick up your dirty clothes, straighten the basement, clean your room/bathroom, empty the dishwasher, triggers a violent: but I just did that yesterday.

I have cooked every single night people. And I don't mean throwing Tyson chicken tenders in the oven. I mean homemade, not out of a jar spaghetti and meatballs (which I bought frozen- true story), chicken piccata, french onion soup, poppy seed casserole, chicken parmesan.

And then, because I am a martyr, I do all the dishes (I like the kitchen spotless and I don't like their idea of spotless) and wipe every surface and sweep the floor and run the dishwasher and scrub the sinks.

Last night, after the spaghetti, I sat down with my Netflix and discovered Ghost Adventures.
It's a bit like Ghost Hunters except maybe a teensy bit fake but I adore it.
The main guy, Zak, is a tanned, muscled, Affliction-wearing, pretty boy with a love of the hair gel and a flair for the ghosties.

I watched all of season 4 before I fell asleep on the sofa and went upstairs to crawl into bed where I started season 3.

And while I watched season 4, the doorbell rang at least 6 times with the big ones high school friends visiting till after midnight and each time, Finn went berserk trying to chomp on their bones.
Really jacks with television enjoyment.

School starts back up tomorrow and then the partaay is over.
Especially for the big one, who has decided to move home and take some time away from college while he rethinks his life, gets a job, and makes himself my personal slave for sweatshop wages.
Maybe then he will realize that college isn't so bad.

Gotta go for now.


  1. It's noon, and my son and I just woke up! lol

    They always find something on Ghost Adventures. Those boys crack me up!

  2. It's 4:15 and I'm in my pajamas. That's how life ought to be lived!

    I wish my son would rethink his life. I miss the dude. But seriously, I hope he finds whatever is best for him.

  3. Four of the grandkids drug in here at 8:00 (their mom had a meeting). You would have thought they had been drug out of their warm beds in the middle of the night.

    I'm tired of cooking. It is store bought fried chicken tonight and I'm not apologizing for it!

    Hope the big one finds himself.

  4. There will actually be a time when my kids sleep later than 8 AM?!?! Rejoice!

  5. When my boys were home, gettin' up time in our house was 9:00 AM too...regardless of what time they went to bed the night before. HaHa...those were the days! Now, it's just the Hubster and I rising at one to torture...and not as much fun as those high school years.

    Ghost Adventures!?! I MUST check this out!

  6. Wow, that's some serious cooking! I'm totally a dish martyr too! I just like it done the way I like it done and I'd rather do it myself, thankyouverymuch. Ha.
    I'll be curious to see how the big one fairs in the coming weeks as your personal slave. Hee Hee...makes me chuckle.

  7. Do we have the same life? Because it sure sounds it. From the sleeping all day to the half-assed kitchen work of teenagers to the doorbell that rings constantly as friends float in and out.

    I was told I was mean more than once this Christmas vacation, because I *gasp* made the teenagers clean up their room before they did anything.

    And poppy seed casserole is the most scrumptious thing on the planet.


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