Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still bleh. But with some hope.

We went to a travel agent today.
With limited time before my husband had to work, she gave us a few options.
Hawaii is out. I think. Maybe. Too much travel time for the short time we have off, too expensive, 2 lost days basically.

She suggested Key West (I picture fashionable gay men holding hands and walking their tank top and tutu clad pugs, and old ladies with super-tanned leathery skin and perky implants- something is very wrong with me) but the weather is iffy- in the 60's and 70's today so what is the point?

We don't want to go to Mexico and besides, we have no passports so the Bahamas and Jamaica are also out.
Everything is booked because people are freezing and want to get the heck out of here.

She also suggested St. Thomas. I left disappointed but have found a few ideas that I will run by my hubby when he finally finishes the appointments he always has.

My sister's doing a little thing about your favorite makeup and beauty products so please go over and show her some love, ok?

Katie, who used to have a wonderful blog (and quit for a while) has started a new blog. She is adorable and interesting and she is going through a confused period so go over and give her some love too.

Boy am I bossy.

My husband sent me an email from the travel agent with a possible vacation for us.
She had some time to look and found something after all.
Please cross your fingers.

I have got to get some laundry tackled tonight!


  1. Okay, crossing my fingers. Wherever you go it will be perfect!

    I visited Kate. Your sisters link wasn't linked, you'd think I have it but I don't so link her up!

    Happy Laundry!

  2. Key West is gorgeous! We are going to Turks and Caoco's...i know I spelled that wrong. Save Hawaii for when you can REALLY go and spent time. Go in Feb!!! Seriously, it is whale month-amazing!!! I am bossy too- GO to Maui IN Feb!!!!

  3. You need to get a passport!

    Good luck with the vacation stuff. Hope you find someplace nice and warm.

  4. just remember: If you are going to start running it WILL suck!!! It will suck for the 1st 3 weeks, if you can get through those weeks, you can do it! It doesn't feel good for anyone!!!! Start small, but start!!
    Why not Maui....?


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