Sunday, January 9, 2011


Good evening friends!
I wanted to do bullets again but I bore myself.
A few things and then I need to get some things done around here.

Love this

I have been so bleh the past week. The cold, dreary weather mixed with everything else always makes January my least favorite month. That being said, I am being positive and cheerful as much as possible so I don't bring anyone else down with me.
We got lots accomplished yesterday. Laundry, house cleaned, another closet tackled.

Lots of wood was delivered so we are ready for this possible snowstorm.

Then we went to meet with our logo designer to work on the logo/sign. We have decided that maybe the name we chose isn't necessarily going to be the best. I had an idea a few weeks ago to put an ad in the newspaper for a contest and let our customers pick a name for us. I was shot down immediately by my husband because we still (at that point) needed to keep everything quiet. Yesterday he told me that it was actually a good idea.
It gives us fresh name ideas and also involves the people who have put us where we are. We did get best restaurant and best breakfast last year and the people voted for us out of lots and lots of places. If we don't get any good ideas, we will stay with what we have. I really like the name but would like to hear some others and not being able to say anything to anyone has limited any ideas from others.

Tomorrow is our employee meeting where we announce the name change. A couple of them already know. We have had people calling and asking if we are closing our doors, selling, being sold on the courthouse steps and such. Rumors in small towns are awful! Makes me wonder where they heard these things.

I am back on Facebook. I still hate some aspects of it but plan to limit the people I friend and use it to keep in touch with old friends and some new ones. I found out yesterday that one of my best friends from high school is expecting twin girls in a couple weeks. At 41 years old (like me) that is really exciting! I know they have been together and trying for such a long time. I also get to see the photos everyone posts of their kids and husbands and my salon has a page too so they post when they have sales and specials- you know I love me some Aveda!

The big one got a job! He is a manager at a local clothing store. I want him to get those loans paid off and get some money saved. He also owes us a tidy sum. College is not an option. He will go back but he needs some time to breathe. This has been very hard for me to accept but he has been going full steam ahead for many years and all of a sudden he hit a brick wall.
It will all fall into place.

I want to do something fabulous for our anniversary this year. I am not a good planner and even a worse surpriser so I need some ideas. It falls on a Monday so we would have Saturday, Sunday and Monday away from work. I am without a single idea. Blame the bleh mood.
This is what I really want. The Bahamas.
Dream big, right?
I am totally getting my passport tomorrow. Just for fun.

Funny story. Guy came up to the cash register to pay for his breakfast today. He said "young lady, that is some diamond you got there. Your husband must be a cowboy with a LOT of cows!"
I had to text my hubby right away and he, of course texted back "more blog material" Ha!

Have a great week!


  1. I recommend Maui! No passport required and its the most beautiful place on earth!

  2. I like the contest idea. You're going to get some really creative ones from that!

    You could do a weekend cruise???

  3. I vote for the Bahamas, too! Especially with all this snow we have going on!

  4. Oh I would defintely get your passport. Need to be ready!

    Oh my gsoh, too funny. . . cowboys with a lot of cows! LOL


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