Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tag, I'm It

Stacey tagged me.
Here I go.......

1. Blush or bronzer- A little of both
2. Lip gloss or lipstick- I have both but prefer gloss
3. Eyeliner or mascara- mascara for sure, I have white eyelashes
4. Foundation or concealer- both, always
5. Neutral or color eye shadow- I like taupe and silvery gray shadows, sometimes gold
6. Pressed or loose eye shadow- pressed
7. Brushes or sponges- sponge for foundation, brushes for blush and bronzer, both for eyeshadow

 8. OPI or China Glaze- Never heard of China Glaze. I like OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie 9. Long or short- Short. I used to bite my nails years ago and just stopped one day. Now I have to clip them all the time to keep them short. 
10. Acrylic or natural- natural, do not do fake nails
11. Brights or darks- pale pink on fingernails when I paint them, bright and dark on toes
12. Flower or no flower- um, people put flowers on their nails?

Body13. Perfume or body splash- perfume, lotion and body spray- love them all
14. Lotion or body butter- I have and use both- depends on the day
15. Body wash or soap- Lever 2000 on certain parts, the others I use body wash
16. Lush or other bath company- Never heard of Lush. I like Fresh, Philosophy, Aveda, The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works
Fashion17. Jeans or sweat pants- Jeans to go out and to work, yoga pants around the house18. Long sleeve or short sleeve- depends on the temperature, duh19. Dresses or skirts- neither but skirts if I must
20. Stripes or plaid- stripes
21. Flip flops or sandals- both22. Scarves or hats- I have hats but hardly ever wear them, I love scarves
23. Studs or dangly earrings- neither, don't wear them
24. Necklaces or bracelets- sometimes bracelets but always necklaces25. Heels or flats- flats26. Cowboy boots or riding boots- riding27. Jacket or hoodie- both28. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe- Charlotte Russe.  29. Abercrombie or Hollister- neither, I am 4130. Saks or Nordstrom- Nordies

Hair31. Curly or straight- Straight but I love mine curly- too time consuming though
32. Bun or ponytail- pony
33. Bobby pins or butterfly clips- headbands
34. Hair spray or gel- hairspray
35. Long or short- shorter but it is growing
36. Light or dark- light but I have some tiny pieces of dark mixed in (I know, I am wild)
37. Side swept bangs or full bangs- either way38. Up or down- either
Random39. Rain or shine- always shine
40. Summer or winter- always summer41. Fall or spring- spring42. Chocolate or vanilla-depends43. East coast or West coast- love the East Coast, never been to the West

I am tagging anyone with time to kill.

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  1. Thanks for playing along. Look up lush. I think you will like them.


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