Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These Dream Go On When I Close my Eyes

I think the bleh feeling I have been having has escalated.
Now I feel like I am coming down with something every single day, but I never do.
Just tired, aches, feverish, nauseous. I want to sleep all the time.
It's fantastic.

And let me say this.
I am sick, sick, sick of Rhianna. (and the many other songs he is currently annoying me with)
My son (the big one) has all her cd's and plays them loudly all the time.
And he is chatty and hyper and I am getting flashbacks of when he was 5 and could not sit still and stop talking for 12 seconds. I have gotten so used to coming home from work and picking up the little one from school and we quietly talk about his day and if he has homework and what he might do the next weekend and possibly what is for dinner and that's it.


When the big one left for college, I was so sad because the house seemed so still and sad and then I got to actually hear my own thoughts and realized how nice it was.
Today I got home (it was a snow day so the little one was home) and before I could set my purse and keys down, the big one had said 6,725 words.
It's nice having him here, just louder.
Just a lot of stimulation. A lot, lot.
When he first came home, he slept a lot. And then we trained him to get up early and go to bed at a decent hour and he is filled with energy.  
Energy he does not expel on any type of housework.  
And he uses my Keurig coffee brewer to make hot tea. Many cups of it all day long.
And why does Rhianna have to repeat the same words over and over and over in every stupid song? Is it brain damage from the whole Chris Brown beatings thing? 

Moving on. 
My sweet husband took my car for an oil change today (can't drive the precious Mustang in the snow, don cha know) and it was just absolutely caked with snow chunks and icicles and salt by the time he brought it back to me.
Except the gas tank was empty and it was bitter cold outside.
And while I was pumping gas I noticed how filthy my car was.
Yes, that was me at the car wash spraying off my white Burb. 
And yes, it was 17 degrees.
Pride is what I have. And stupidity.

One of you suggested going to Hawaii and now I am all up in my husbands face talking about hot sand and blue water and pricing airline tickets (the rooms aren't bad, the flying is what's expensive)
(I haven't given as much thought as to how pale and not thin I am and where on Earth would I buy a cute swimsuit and cuter sundresses this time of year.)
I figured out that if he and I both sell one of our kidneys (EBAY??) we can go on quite a fine little trip in February for our anniversary.
He started singing the praises of Honolulu (he was there years ago in the Navy) and Googling Earth and OH MY WORD it looked amazing and after freezing for months and now with this dumb snow, that sun and warmth looked positively heavenly.
I am totally going there.
I have it narrowed down to a few places.
Here, here, or here. My husband likes this one. (seriously, click on the photos, you will want to sell your organs too)
We have never been anywhere like that and never had a proper honeymoon.
I keep standing in front of the fireplace with my eyes shut imagining I am there.

How much do you think I could get for a kidney? Are spleens better? I am probably not going to give up my heart or lungs, kind of defeats the purpose if I am dead, right?

I should start by having a winter garage sale.
I have some cd's to sell.


  1. I say go there, there, there and there! They already have swimsuits out at the stores, so I don't think you will have a problem finding any.
    I have a kid like that, too, and it drives me batty!

    It could be worse! You could be listening to baby...baby....baby...ohhh...baby, etc... The little 9 year old girl around here loves to listen to Justin Bieber!

  2. Yep. Have I not said 40 million times how much I love Hawaii?! We go to Maui but at this point any island will do just fine.

    I'm sure the weather has something to do with the "off feeling." You should get one of those sun light lamp things. I hear they work.

    Do you have a garage? Maybe the Big One needs his own living quarters. Ha.

  3. LOL...Thank you. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks ALL of Rhianna's songs just repeat the same words over, and over and OVER!

    I, too, stand in front of the fireplace, close my eyes and dream of being somewhere warmer...that is, at least until my back side starts hurting 'cuz it's getting waaaay too hot!

  4. Can you hear me all the way at your house? You know, begging my Mister to move me to Hawaii on an almost daily basis?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Maui!!!!!!! Darling isn't into music yet... i'm ok with that :)

  5. My boyfriend and I went to Maui and Oahu in 2008. Loved both but Maui was so gorgeous, Oahu (Honolulu) is much more big city. Maui was surprisingly affordable...there are so many things to see and do there. I recommend the Lavender Farm, the Iao Needle and the Hana Highway...We are going back to Maui in July and I can't wait!


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