Friday, January 14, 2011

This post is for my sister Mel since I dropped the ball this week with my stupid, stupid and also stupid depression that seems to suck the life out of me when I need to be alert the most.
This is an except from her post:

So, here is the deal. Many of you commented and left me emails telling me of your favorite new products, and since I am my mother's daughter, I am unable to go on in life without knowing everyone's very favorite things so I can try them for myself. Now, don't just tell me your routine and what you use, but tell me the very favorite stuff. The stuff you will go without toilet paper to ensure that you have. The stuff that you will buy in massive bulk to avoid ever being unable to find. This can be anything from face or body products, hair product, vitamins, home air fresheners (candles, sprays, incense oil, etc.), or anything else you are unable to function without. Hell, you could even be a champ and include a link to your product so that I can go to the site and steal pictures so we all know what to look for.

When I get enough responses - that means everyone has to participate - I will compile the list and put it together for everyone to share in each other's loves. So go on, get at it. Think of what really churns your butter and post a comment telling me all about it. You don't have to do a whole list, but you can if you wanna. Just tell me your very favorite loves. The world cannot go on not knowing one day longer, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we all need to be looking our best so our men (or co-workers) find us irresistible.

I love Aveda shampoo. I take turns using the Color Conserve and the Blue Malva. I use the Blue Malva conditioner once a week to keep brassiness away.
I also love Dove Intensive repair conditioner too. It smells wonderful and combats dry hair.

I like the Aveda Brilliant Damage control spray and I discovered the Smooth Infusion style prep smoother which is great because I flat iron my hair every day.

For moisturizer, I am using Aveeno Positively Radiant right now because I used Olay for years and wanted to try something new. I might keep trying. I wasn't impressed with Aveda because there were so many choices and it got quite expensive trying them all. My skin is insane right now no matter what I use.
I have been using this for a few weeks, I got a free sample at Sephora. It is a collagen booster. The reviews are good so we will see.

I have been using Aveda  firming eye cream as well. (also free samples!)

I use Aveda tinted moisturizer, concealer, and blush every day. I use the dual foundation powder for extra coverage some days.

The jury is still out on the Lorac bronzer and eyeshadow I bought. The bronzer is a bit orangey but maybe when I have some color it will be better. The shadow is nice but for $30, I can get a few of the quads.
My favorite eyeshadow ever is this:
Revlon 12 hour eye quad. I have almost every color combo and they stay on all day.
I like these eyeliners from Almay: slate and mocha

Mascara is simple. I have tried them all.
I love Clinique High Impact.

I have lots of fragrance but my signature scent is Happy.
I started wearing it years ago and my mom said any time she smelled it, she thought of me.
The smell just makes me happy. I get compliments on it every day I wear it.

Happy Heart is also a favorite. I take turns on which one I buy.

Like my sister, I love me some Satsuma from Body Shop. I also love the Sweet Lemon. Body wash, lotion, body butter.
I burn the Satsuma oil every Sat. while I clean. Love citrus.

I have tons of body washes and lotions from Christmas but these are my top picks.
Hand lotion is Aveda, hands down but I plan to try the others' faves on Mel's blog.
My favorite razor is the Venus, toothpaste is Colgate regular, deodorant is Secret Clear tropical and Secret Clinical in the summer.
I use Purpose face wash and Aveda Tourmaline exfoliating wash.

Ok, that is it.
I hope you can sleep better now.


  1. I need to find a moisturizer and eye cream. There is only one thing I can't live without, and that is Blistex! I have to have it on my lips at all times. I always forget to put lotion on.

    That eyeshadow quad is the colors I am wearing today. I don't know if you can see it in my video.

    I used to wear Happy all the time, but I don't wear perfume anymore.

  2. ok, we all know i haven't posted on my dang site in like 2 weeks....yeah, i haven't found the stupid dictionary....believe that or not! but i am play in the girls wonderful game of fave stuffs. cuz i do have me some things that i use ALL THE TIME! sorry, no pics, but you may be able to finds some on line. (i hope)

    oh key dokey artichokey! here we go! when i get up, i want to brush my teeth, i use sensodyne in the can, the new iso foam kind. it makes your teeth feel like you just left the dentist, and it doesn't peel the skin off your lips. and i too need a lip balm right after the brushing....i use medicated chapstick, very cooling and healing. i have them in every coat pocket, purse, bedside, bathroom, car, you get the drill. face cream...i won't go into the debacle of this week, i will save that for my own blog, i use olay regenerist, and also l'occitane Immortelle very precious Bioloque eye serum, can't leave home without either of those. by the way, they do help with dry skin and small lines. i too haave the very same revlon quads as you do, i only use them for dressing up. not everyday use.clinn my mascara is l'oreal, telescopic, in black/brown. my blusher is very old. made by clinique. in naturale. my favorate colour.

    my scents are green tea, i've worn since i was a young lady. it is made by L'Occitane. baby grace is my other fave i go back and forth with. it is made by Phylososay.

    i use Nexxux humextress on my hair as a leave in no rince spray. my hair is so dry and this helps so much. for shine and control.

    then i use neutrogena body oil, light sesame formula, oh man....right out of your bath....the best!

    and one thing just added was the am/pm anti-wrinkle complex w/spf15.
    just got 2 big tubs of it yesterday and it is wonderfully working on my lines as i type this!


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