Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today you get bullets.
  •  Found some jeans for the little one today (he wears a 30/36) on Ebay, new with tags, Diesel, $69.95. I haven't been able to find him a pair under $100 except at Buckle and they are always out of stock. I have never used Ebay before. I have seen the light.
  • Are you watching the Bachelor? I am giving him another chance. Because it is cold, nothing is on tv, I am shallow and those girls make me laugh. I am not going to make fun of them anymore. I am trying to be nicer and let's be honest, bless their hearts, they just don't know any better.
  • I am eating Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie ice cream. Not a fan at all but give me Heath Bar Crunch anyday.
  • I cleaned the coat closet the other day. Organized the hats and scarves and gloves into labeled canvas bins. Funny how being a little more organized clears your mind.
  • Which brings me to this: I will never make a resolution again. They are stupid. Instead, I plan to become more organized and work on all the home improvements I want to do this year. I will do the best I can at everything and be nicer. These are not resolutions, they are plans
  • Now that Christmas is over, I feel like it should be spring already. I am counting the days.
  • I think the big one found a job today. A decent one that doesn't involve him working for us or fast food. The fingers (all 10) are crossed.
  • My sister is homeschooling her 6 year old until they can get him enrolled in a gifted/private school. I know she can do it and do it well but let us all pray for her anyway. And her sanity.
  • My little one hates school, is bored out of his mind, gets all A's, thinks the teachers are under qualified and has wanted to be home schooled for years. I don't have the intelligence for that. We went through the same thing with the big one. How come there are so many programs out there to save the kids with learning disabilities but the one's who are on the other end of the spectrum get left out? There are no private schools anywhere near me, sadly. I should not have to regret reading to my kids when they were babies, teaching them things most kids their age didn't know and challenging them every day.
  • We are having a meeting on Monday to fill our employees  in on the changes. We still have till Feb. 1st and the rest of the town can't really know but with all of the meetings with purveyors and such, they have gotten nervous and started asking questions so we are telling them.
  • I am getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. I am really excited, such a treat and I have so much fun with all of the adorable girls at the (new) salon. My stylist is so amazing that even though my hair needs a trim, it has grown out gracefully and doesn't have that "crap, I need a haircut and color look" like it did when I was at the other salon.
  • One of my servers got me the Where the Wild Things Are dvd for Christmas. When it first came out I was telling all the girls about how it was our favoritest book growing up and she remembered that. It was my mother's favorite book to read us and I cannot bring myself to watch it. Mel says it isn't like the book but I cannot do it. The girl asked me today if I had watched it yet and I don't want to lie and say yes but I don't want to tell her that I will never watch it either. Ugh.
  • Mel sent me the best gift ever!  3 Loreal lipsticks in Cashmere (another favorite) It is going to be the Year of the Lip over here at the Funny Farm. Thanks Mel! Look for a cute gift from me soon!
  • The hot pink Coach coat and plaid scarf I got months ago (from hubby for Christmas) is still in the zipper bag. I get too nervous when I think about how much that coat costs (yes, it was on sale but still) and I hate to think about it getting ruined so I just keep it in the closet. I have never worn it except when I tried it on at the store.

  • Finn has developed this annoying problem of licking. He sits under the chair while I am on the computer and licks my jeans, my shoes and the top of my feet if I have flats or slippers on. He licks his bed, his toys and my hands (and face if I am not quick) I usually snap my fingers and he stops but then he does it again later.
 Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Wow, the Little One is tall and skinny! My oldest (28) is a 30-32 and as of today 138 pounds. He eats like a horse. Wish I had his metabolism.

    Wear the Coach coat!! Wear it often! Life is too happy and beautiful EVERY DAY (if you want) in your beautiful pink coat!

  2. I do that too ~ "save" clothes for more special occasions. I should stop.

    Of course I watch the Bachelor. He hasn't won me over ~ yet.

    I've never been one for resolutions either. Maybe I make a PlAN to wear all my clothes all them time. Ha.

  3. Wear that Coach coat NOW!

    Little one is definitely tall and skinny. I've bought many things on Ebay and haven't gotten burnt yet. Good luck.

    I've known parents who homeschooled and it is not easy - but rewarding. I'm sure your sis will hook up with other home schooling parents. It is a shame there are not programs available for gifted kids. It is a definite problem.

  4. My Rudy licks everything all the time. The vet says it's "behavioral" whatever that means. But as you said, if we tell him to stop, he'll stop, for a while.

  5. Oh, get that coat out and wear it NOW silly girl!!! Our Teddy licks constantly and it drives me insane! Ebay- hello?! didn't you read how I bought 9 new pair of jeans on there for less than what I paid for 1 pair at the mall?! I LOVE ebay! My DVR took a crap on me and I didn't get the 1st episode of The Bachelor and i've tried to watch it online about 50 times and it just won't work-BOO!
    Seriously, go get that coat on!!!!!


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