Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Story

I got my hair done today, but that is nothing compared to the story I heard the second my rear hit the chair.
Jessica, my stylist, asked me if I wanted to hear something awful.
Sure, why not.

The girl next to me was also getting her lovely blond hair highlighted and cut and she was a living doll, cute she was.
She had been to the dentist the previous day. She had a tooth which needed either a crown or an extraction- she was given a choice. Crown -$1000 or extraction - $150.
She chose the cheaper option.
The dentist numbed her mouth and started pulling. And pulling. And pulling.
She started telling him to stop, pushed him away, changed her mind.
She said she was panting and moaning like she was in labor.
He kept pulling, and jerking and yanking with all his might and finally got it out.

And here is the part where the music stops, where a little bit of me died inside.
Attached to the smallish tooth was a 3/4 inch piece of...
wait for it......
Her jawbone.
Her effing jawbone. With meat and such still attached.
He pulled so hard he pulled out part of her jawbone.
The assistant quietly gave her a ziplock bag with the tooth attached to the bone and told her she might need it.
Her mouth was filled with blood and she was gagging and spitting it out but she said it was never ending blood and she just had to get the hell out of there fast. (I didn't get all the details but I assume they packed gauze in her mouth before she left?)
She left, confused and not sure what to do or say.
(The dentist did not apologize until today when he called to see of she was ok.)
She went to the ER yesterday after leaving the dentist and they wanted names and numbers right away.
They gave her serious pain meds and told her to get an attorney.
She still isn't sure how to go about this but she is unable to work her job, although she has to. She has a huge hole in her mouth, immense pain unless she takes her meds which make it hard to work or drive. (or eat or sleep)

She stopped payment on her card and called an attorney because she wants to be sure this doesn't happen again to someone else but she feels bad because she doesn't want to ruin his life because of an accident but yet, it kind of could have been prevented if he had stopped when she said to. 

I have an extreme dentist phobia so you can just imagine my face as I heard this story and OH EM GEE, she had the ziplock bag with her today and showed me. Gross me out and yet fascinating.

The only slightly funny part is how she made it, pain and all, to her beloved hair appt. because her roots were awful and she couldn't get another appt. for weeks and she lives an hour away. And it was the only happy thought to her effed up day.
(I would totally do that except for the part about "oh, crap, I pulled out your jawbone, lookie there" would have sent me straight to an instant death.)
I almost blacked out retelling the story just now.
So here it is.
What would you do? Is this the story of nightmares? Does this ever happen? Is this common?
My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth (which I went to the appt. and watched a harrowing movie and promptly chickened out and went home) This totally ruins my idea of getting my wisdom teeth out and getting braces. 

I'm just gonna keep my hair looking good and hope for the best.


  1. I am a dental assistant, and I have never heard of this happening before! Ever! Pretty interesting.

  2. um, posting this cuz i have a fear of dentists too. i have an appt monday. i already had the root canal before Christmas. he is puting the crown on monday. crap. but i always always always have to medicate before i go. i had such traumatic dental work as a kid, and they hardly used novacaine. i can still smell and hear all the sounds and it makes my skin crawl. for years, i didn't go. when i did go back. they had to gas me. i was fine. they numbed me good, and pulled all 4 of my wisdom teeth. i was good then. i still get nervous though. but not as bad.

    this girls story though, OMG!! that is awful. i would deff get a lawyer. he should of stopped when she said. every dentist i have ever had, i have had a few, lol, tells me to put my hand up if he is hurting me. they are supposed to renumb you if you feel them, anytime. GEEZ!!! and if he pulled bone out, well he should be sued or something!!! or should of never done it to starte with. an oral surgeon does that. it should of been cut out if it was impacted!! bless her for all that!

  3. That POOR girl, that makes my skin crawl!! i have NO fear of dentists, never have. i've had braces, a bridge, wisdom teeth out (ate a hot fudge sundae on the way home), oral surg., invisaligh braces and now an implant(tooth, not the good kind-ha)! I have NEVER had a bad experience, thankfully! my aunt has always feared dentists, a few years ago she had to have ALL her teeth removed and has a mouth full of dentures now- ugh! Oh yeah, Darling LOVES going to the dentist...weird, hun?!

  4. Thanks. The best part of all that is that I was eating oatmeal and a grapefruit when I read it. Now I have to yack. And my word verification is biledn. See BILE in there?

  5. Wow. At the very least that girl needs to report the dentist to whoever you report dentist to. Ha.

    I did have a phobia regarding dentists but I'm getting better about it. Of course I still need to take a little something before I go. :)

  6. I'm only hoping to recover from the horror of this story by the time I go for my 6 month check.

    I hope she gets some justice, some money, some good pain relief, some super good hair and most of all - a much better dentist in the future. I also hope he at LEAST winces as his wallet is ravaged.

    I really thought we were past the days of dental work being mid-evil, but this makes me question that belief.

  7. I can not even imagine! Bizarre and disturbing all wrapped up in one. How would they repair that?

  8. Awful dental story.... On the other hand, your hair looks FABULOUS!! ;)

  9. How timely. My daughter called last night crying because she needs 6 crowns. She, too, has a great fear of dentists. That story totally freaked me out. She should get a good attorney and that dentist needs to be seriously looked at by the board of dentistry or whatever gods look out for us!

    Oh, and love your hair.


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