Friday, January 28, 2011

While I am sitting here trying to muster up the energy to drive into town (like I have to fasten the horses to the wagon and lace up the 100 laces on my boots) and pick up Dominoes for 3 starving boys, I have some thoughts for the week, few of them happy.

I mentioned that our general  manager fell at the post office on Monday and broke her patella (kneecap). It was a clean break, which supposedly heals fast but she doesn't see the orthopedist till Tuesday. This leaves us short-handed and she works quite a bit (we pay her very generously) in addition to writing the schedule, doing the ordering and most of the paperwork. I don't mind picking up extra shifts and my husband is writing the schedule and all of her other responsibilities but we are unsure if we will be able to go on our vacation. She is overweight, a heavy smoker, a terrible eater and has a not-so-sunny outlook on life. This makes me worry that she may not heal fast. Does this make me selfish? Yes. I am still ticked as a turtle that this had to happen at this time.

I have stopped counting down the days till Hawaii and I don't talk about what I want to do or see. I quit planning my outfits and pre-packing.  I think the anticipation is part of the fun and I cannot anticipate for fear of getting my heart crushed so I just don't mention the trip. Everyone says to think positively but it is easier for me to not think about it at all. Instead, I work. I talk. I smile. I go on as if we never planned to go anywhere. But if I really allow myself to think about it, I get so angry. It is nobody's fault, but still.
We did buy insurance for this reason so we can re-book this trip at a later time.
The flights may not be as perfect as we ended up with but we can still go.
As one of my servers said, "Hawaii isn't going to go anywhere"

After having 3 cooks call out on Tuesday, Wednesday was perfect. When it rain, it pours.

One of the Tuesday call out cooks decided she wasn't going to come to work anymore. Got her tax refund and her husband quit his job. Guess they will live forever on that money. Stupid. She still owes me money for the mattress I sold her too. Too bad she didn't realize that I can garnish it from her last paycheck. Ha!
Anyway, we are extra short-handed now with zero decent prospects in sight. It will get better, always does.
We have some great employees who are working extra and picking up the slack.

It was 60 degrees today. I worked the whole time but people were in the best mood which makes everything happier.

All week, I have felt like I am coming down with something. Scratchy throat, slight fever, achy and tired with a teeny cough. Today I finally felt better.

The other day, before all the knee drama, I ordered this bikini top.

My husband had his doctor's appt this morning. His cholesterol is high, triglycerides to be exact. He needs to walk 20 minutes a day (or get a treadmill or elliptical) and eat less sugar and fatty foods. He doesn't have to take meds for it. The doctor said cut the breakfast oj- too much sugar. He also said to eat less burgers and fried food. He doesn't eat many fried foods but he does like burgers. Our are so good! Steak is fine though. He was disgusted with me because I was so worried about his cholesterol (he has a family history) and I was right. Hopefully all this is a wake-up call and we can both eat better and exercise more. He is in danger of diabetes if he doesn't change his ways. Everything else was perfect though. He will be getting a sonogram on his gallbladder in March to check on his polyps.

I got a bottle of Xanax for the trip. In case we go. Flying without it is absurd.

It is supposed to snow again next week. I realize we are way better off than my SIL in Jersey, who has had over a foot of snow since before Christmas but I don't hate it any less.

The big one is back at Grandma's house. He cannot seem to get along with anyone unless things are his way all of the time. It is more peaceful this way and my house is not a disaster anymore. Less laundry too. He got a job as a manager of a local clothing store and is staying busy training for the position.

Gotta go feed the boys.

I am being taunted.
Look at the front page of the Dominoes website. 

You have got to be kidding me!


  1. awwww, you will get there!! go get your hawaiian pizza and enjoy!

    i did your survey, that took me forever! but it was fun.

    im going on a tropical vacay too! to florida! haha. i just booked it baby is having her baby in june. so mine is way off. she lives on the beach. but thats not a big draw for me. i live 15~20 mins from the beach too. but i will be with molly and the new lil girl. and of course my baby!

    i havent seen her new house yet. so pretty excited about that....

    glad u and the older one have made a better living situation. its hard once they move out and then come back home. they tend to take advantage.

    well, have a restful weekend if that is possible. lol

  2. Domino's are a bunch of bastards. You are going on your trip. F that manager. Prop her ass up in the back with her smokes and a server to do the running for her. She'll be just fine.

  3. I would have loved to have had Xanax to pop on the flight home from Oahu. A long flight with a kid kicking my seat causing me insomnia was the pits. I slept for 2 days when we got home. Have a great time!

  4. yes, of course, flying with out xanex is INSANE! ok, just the bikini top? is there a bottom-less beach I don't know of? NOT that i'd want to go, just curious :)


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