Sunday, February 6, 2011

The boys are watching the Super Bowl (I am patiently waiting for Glee) so I snuck away to do a little blogging before beginning another crazy week.

It looks like the trip is on, for sure (although I have told a few people that there are 5 days before we leave and anything can happen in 5 days) so I have begun the packing process.
I have been ordering things and picking up things here and there as time allows and then putting it in a pile on the chair in our bedroom ( I HAD to buy that reclining chair to sit and read in our room but somehow I usually stack laundry that needs to put away on it so I actually had to clean it off to put my vacation clothes on it) (I never read in it) (note to self: start using the chair how it is intended by manufacturer)

I have bought 4 bathing suit tops, 1 bottom, 1 maxi dress, 2 sundresses, 1 pair of bermuda shorts, 1 denim mini skirt, 6 tank tops, 2 halter tops, cargo pants that fold up and snap to make capris (2 for 1 use, eh?), 1 embellished t-shirt, 4 pair flip flops, nylon bag for beach/carry on, 2 pair of sunglasses, numerous flowered headbands (I made 2 of them), lightweight cotton zip-up jacket (for cool nights), a tanning package, a clutch (so I don't have to haul around my normal big purses), sunblock for face, and a new strapless bra.
People, I just want to look cute and well-dressed and my husband just doesn't understand.

We had the day off yesterday (MIL worked during the day and our manager is back to work, more on that later) so after getting some things done around the house, we headed to the outlet mall to look for a few last minute things for the trip.
Finding a swim suit for my husband was difficult (and he hates shopping and trying things on is a struggle that involves begging and eventually blackmail and promises I regret later), most of the stores only had a few styles if any and in the end, Target saved the day plus I got another swim bottom for me (why would I ever doubt Target?) plus I found some cargo pants, nylon bag, stretch denim pencil skirt, a few tanks and a great coral jacket at Gap and some shorts for Mr. F. He will not wear plaid shorts so it is so easy just to grab the cargo khakis at the same store every year for him. Same shorts, new season. I found him some great shirts too (online). (he insists that he has plenty of shirts and he will wear the same few favorites til they fall apart which is why I ignored him and picked him up a few. The swim trunks were another ordeal, he hardly ever has a use for a suit so the one he had was like a Tommy Bahama circa 2003. I am going to pick him up another one when we get there.

I am not super excited with some of the bikini tops I ordered but my husband loves them so I will bring 6 tops and 2 bottoms so I have choices.
I got this yesterday and I love it!
On Friday our manager came in after her doctor appt. and said she was coming back to work Sat. at 2. for her regular shift.
Her doctor suggested that she stay home and heal for 6-8 weeks so we had to call the doctors office to be sure it was ok if she did work. They said as long as she takes it easy and uses a cane or crutches, she should be alright to work.
I told her to take the week off if she needed but she said she cannot sit home one more minute with her lazy, unemployed, ex-con  husband and she told me that we need to get away on this trip because when we get back, the business is going to go through all of the crazy changes and we should be well rested for that.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the graphic artist who is doing our new sign and logo, Tuesday I work, Wednesday we have an out of town meeting to do a menu tasting for our new menu choices, Thursday I am getting my eyelashes tinted (I don't want to wear mascara at the beach) and Friday Mr. F has a haircut and we leave to check in to our hotel by the airport since we have to get up at 4am on Sat. to make it to the airport by 6am for an 8am flight. Insane.

I have very little time to pack but I have a detailed list and I am an expert at last minute adventures (I really never had a choice this time)
Have a great week, I might see you here!


  1. Yay!! I pray nothing goes wrong, and you are able to go. Love that dress!

  2. whoooo, i was huffin and puffin and all warn out with this

    and i lol when you had to make promises you didnt like to keep for mr. f to try stuff on! i have to do that too! he hates doing that so much, he would rather buy it, come home, try it on here, and return it than do it there. can you believe that? men...a species all their own.

    well, if we dont speak again, have a very, wonderful and exciting adventure. and hey, have a mai tai on me, k?

  3. Your Hubby sounds like mine...although he flat out REFUSES to try anything on in a store..which makes more work for me. He, too, will wear something until it falls apart (or I throw it out and then I hear about it.)

    Have a FABULOUS trip!

  4. The wardrobe sounds exactly like I would pack ~ except I would add more shoes, that's just how I roll. And I love to have a lounging type dress/cover up to wear after a day of sun and/or sight seeing aka: shopping. :)
    Don't forget a sweater too!

    Here's hoping the next 5 days are uneventful!

  5. I love that dress! Why didn't you tell me that you wre going shopping?? I wanted to come too!
    My hub is the same way about shopping :S

  6. You're just like me. I use vacations as a reason to buy a whole new wardrobe. That's half the fun of vacation.

    And I would be dancing a happy jig if I were still in bikinis! Girl, you are so lucky! I just bought me a bathing suit, a spanx bathing suit. That's right. I'm at the stage of, what can this bathing suit cover up and suck in on my body.

    And are we married to the same man? I've been trying to teach my husband for years, that there are other things in life besides khaki. And he never needs anything. If it wasn't for me, he'd still be wearing the same clothes from 20 years ago.

    Have a great time! And rock those bikinis.

  7. NEVER doubt TARGET!!! eyelashes tinted? We are going to need more details on that and... I need a picture of that headband YOU made?! Way to go crafty gal!!
    xoxo the trip is going to be FABULOUS! (you have the xanex, right?!)


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