Friday, February 25, 2011

The Funny's Fabulous Hawaiian Hoopla- Day 1

Our morning started very early, it was very cold and our flight was at 8am. We took a few photos flying over Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City airport, see the mountains behind me?
We had lunch at the airport, Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill.

We got to Hawaii around 3:30 in the afternoon.
We were greeted by our driver who gave us each a lei (which smelled heavenly) and taken to baggage to wait on the other guest who would be riding with us to their hotels. This took an hour. An hour which I was not intending on spending in an airport.

We had been up since 4am, on 2 planes and 10 hours of flying.

This is at the airport in Hawaii.

The ride to the hotel was amazing!
I took photos out the window and just stared and giggled "like a schoolgirl" (husbands words) 

On the way to the hotel

We checked in, changed out of our winter clothes, dropped everything off at the room and my husband asked what I wanted to first, of course I wanted to see the beach.
We walked around looking at some shops and enjoying the warm air (it was bitter cold when we left home with 9 inches of snow on the ground)

We decided to go to dinner, stopped at the Hula Grill but it was packed and there was no seating at the bar so we went to Chuck's and made a reservation and had a drink while we waited. The menu wasn't too exciting so Mr. F went over to Duke's and put us on the list (1 1/2 hour wait)  We had a drink and did some people watching where I decided my jeans and tank top made me way overdressed for this town.
Our waitress was very nice. I did my "what is your favorite thing on the menu and what are you best known for?" spiel and she gave us some great suggestions.


Romantic photo, could my arms be any more ripped?

I had the macadamia nut encrusted marlin and he had shrimp scampi- everything was amazing. I also had some sort of fruity drink that now slips my mind. Service was great, there was a 3 person band walking from table to table serenading people and I snapped a photo.

After dinner, we walked on the beach, snapped a few photos and went to bed around 10. (it was like 2am our time)


  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation! Enjoy! Sandi

  2. beautful beach! looks like day one was a good one except for all that time spent traveling! I like how you did a picture in the sand with 2011, something for the memory books indeed!


  3. I'm with Betty - I liked the 2011 beach picture. And of course the romantic one of you and hubbby. I've smelled leis before and they are beautifully aromatic. Love it.

  4. 10 hours of flying and two planes and you still looked fabulous!
    I can't believe you took a picture of the wing of the plane. That's the scariest part for me: reminds me of that old Twilight Zone movie...never mind, I'm probably ageing myself.
    Hawaii looks amazing, I'm SO jealous! Enjoy!

  5. Welcome home! I'm jealous. I want to go to HI. We were there last May :)

  6. MUST....go....back!!! Arghhh, i love that place!!! Glad you had such a great time!!! How could you know... it's HAWAII!
    PS: i'm watching "dog the bounty hunter" right NOW! Did you see Beth's boobs while you were there??


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