Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stupid Blizzard

I went to the grocery store yesterday (The store was insane, shelves running low or out of many items but I made it out alive.) To the tanning salon. Picked up the kiddo from school and took him for a hot dog and ice cream shake.
Everywhere we went, we heard this word.


Driving home last night, I heard cancellations of factories, meetings and schools.
Ground is clear. Sky is cloudy. Temps are 39 degrees.

I refused to accept what they were saying. 
Worst storm in years, blizzard conditions, stay home, accumulation imminent, state of emergency.

This time they were dead on.

I woke up at 6am to the sounds of ice/sleet/rain hitting the deck off of our bedroom balcony. It had been thundering. Molly was having a fit.
An inch and a half of ice on the deck.
I took a bath and by the time I got out, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground and it was literally a blizzard.

I hate snow. Hate it. 

My husband is a rock star.

He cleaned, ice and snow off the Suburban, warmed it up, unstuck the frozen doors, drove me to work, came in to check on everyone, called to cancel some of our employees, talked to a few customers, went home, fed the dogs, fed the fireplace, carried wood in, showered, came back in to work. Went to the store to get a few items I missed yesterday, shoveled the sidewalk (it had to be done every 2 hours), cleaned off the car again, picked up some of our employees, made some phone calls, shoveled again, helped our cook get his car unstuck, went back to the store, went home, came back, took an employee home, listened to me complain about how much I hate snow, shoveled again, cleaned off the car again, took 2 more employees home (on really bad roads in the country), came back to work and did the evening paperwork. 
I worked too but nothing like him.

The negatives-
Our manager's doctor's appt. was canceled until Friday (so we are short- handed again all week) and she cannot get released to come back to work until she sees the orthopedist, the snow is still falling and piling up, they are predicting more and zero degree temps all week, many local businesses are closed (including McDonalds- crazy!), the roads are awful, snow is pushed up from the plows and blocking many side streets, the wind is supposed to be 40mph tomorrow, we are open and it is hard for the employees to get here (some walk and take cabs, some have unreliable transportation), worst storm in our area since 1912, airports are closed, people are stuck everywhere, I worry about some of our customers who are elderly and I worry about people and animals being cold, hungry or without necessities and a part of me is wondering if this trip will happen after all.

The positives-
The funny thing is, we have been needing to hire 2 cooks after we lost one last week and another is going on his Mormon mission trip for 2 years and today, in the blizzard, 2 different guys came in with experience and filled out applications. Weird. I had a stack of applications with zero qualifications yesterday. We were asked by a city administrator to provide a catered breakfast tomorrow at 6 am for the city workers who are pulling insane shifts during this storm- this is cool. We don't know when our manager will be able to return to work but it hasn't been busy enough to need her and between my husband and I and some very long hours, we have made it work. Our employees are pulling it together and doing what it takes to help us out as we are short staffed, the little one has been so happy to be at home and out of school that he doesn't care that we have been gone for days, the dogs are happy to just hang out where it is warm and my almost full blown cold went away.

As my husband says Life is Good.

I still hate snow.

Common sight out the window at work today, plows everywhere of every type.

Valentine decor (red shredded paper- Walmart $1.00)
Valentine craft (if I ever get to it)

After school snack with a cute boy, an ice cream shake and a Nathan's Kosher dog

Letting me take a picture for my blog

Dreaming about this

Hoping this comes in time
Thrilled at what I saved on these tops.

And thanks Mel for introducing me to this site.
Where I got this:
DKNYC top (70% off)

to wear with these:
Bermuda shorts (50%off)
and these:
Reef thong (60% off)   

Reef thong (50% off)

My husband picked out this suit for me (probably because she is my exact twin)hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Ok Chinamommy, here is the scoop.
I have a black bathing suit bottom that I love love love. I plan to bring a few other bottoms but am going to wear the black one mostly and mix and match with some of the cute bikini tops I bought. No bottomless beaches (and no topless either)
I also blame YOU for the finding. Actually, my husband blames you- I love you.


  1. You look a lot like me then! lol

    It is crazy out there! I don't know if anything is opened or closed because I have not left my house for two days. The ice for us started yesterday. We have about 20 inches of snow on our deck right now, and we swept about 4 inches off of it earlier today. AND IT'S STILL SNOWING!! GRR....

    Your husband definitely is a rock star!!

    Love those clothes! You always have such good taste.

  2. Could that kid look more like you in that bottom pic??? He is so stinkin' cute!

    The Mr. definitely rocks the world. He deserves some sort of reward or award. Oh, I know! You should take him to Hawaii!

  3. We just hunkered down and went nowhere. We'll start digging out today. Ugh.

    First I need to remember to snap a few pictures that won't do the snow justice.

    Hawaii here you come!

  4. Wow, your weather IS crazy. It's a wonder you have ANY customers!
    I agree, your Husband IS a rock star!!
    Love, LOVE the suit your Hubby picked out.
    I do believe those two applicants were divine intervention so you CAN go on your trip!
    Hope today is a better day for you.


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