Friday, February 4, 2011


Terri: "Will, I'm on my feet four hours a day, three times a week here. Now I have to go home and I have to cook dinner for myself?"

This is my all time favorite line from Glee.(his wife works at Sheets & Things and she's kind of a princess and he tells her he is working late)
I realize I am whining again but I feel a little bit like Terri.
I work 3 days a week at the restaurant. 20-25 hours tops. Sometimes I go in at night and do paperwork or have dinner with the husband or drink coffee and avoid the house.

And the rest of the time, I take care of the house. The kids, dogs, laundry, cleaning, dishes, groceries, errands, internet shopping, phone calls, school functions, blogging, and other undesirable things. 
This leaves me little time for extra stuff like hanging out with friends, drinking and breaking the law.
So you can imagine how much I am getting done these days having to work every day, sometimes 12 hours, while we wait to hear if our manager is going to come back to work and let us go on our blasted vacation.

Our restaurant was nominated again this year for The Best Of in the paper. Voted by the people.
Last year we got best breakfast and best restaurant.
Since we made it into the top 3,they took pics last week and then gave me a piece of paper to write why I thought we deserved to win in the 3 categories we were nominated for.
My husband made sure to tell me that I was the writing expert in the marriage (he is the math person) so, much like high school, I put off my assignment til today so I could sit in the office and stare at the computer wondering what the hell I was going to write.
I wrote my paragraphs and then I called Mel )who has her Masters degree in English) to ask her if I sounded slightly ignorant. Or plain retarded.
She helped me immensely and I got my homework assignment done right before my husband poked his head in the office (for the 37th time) and said, "want Chinese food?"
Hells yeah! (HE hates Chinese food but I do love me some sesame chicken)
He had promised one of our cooks and a server some Chinese food for all the extra hard work they did the other night when we were short handed and snowbound.

I finally made it home after 8, fed the dogs, threw a log on the fire and relaxed until I had to go pick him up an hour later. By relaxed, I mean blogged.
Then back out in the snow (first day Miss Daisy has driven herself since the blizzard of 2011) to pick him up from work.
I did one of those speed clean maneuvers when we got home where you go from room to room picking up things like fluff from dog toys, rigor mortis socks that were wet with snow 2 days ago and sat on the foyer floor where certain male people took them off and left them in a wad, threw all the assorted dishes that were laying around into the sink, threw in a load of jeans, gave the dogs their heartworm pills, straightened sofa pillows and tried on the clothes for Hawaii I got today in the mail.
They all fit perfectly which will just be sad when I am dressed up and nowhere to go.
I don't even want to pack until I hear from our manager tomorrow that her doctor said to get the heck out of the house and go to work right now.

Tomorrow is work again and then hopefully I can get a few more things done around here. There hasn't been any school all week so the little one has been at a friend's house, I should go get him tomorrow.

So I will show you an outfit or 2, for fun.


  1. Love the outfits. I really like that blue shirt. I thought you were going to model them for us, though.
    Hopefully your manager will be able to come back to work.

  2. I've been reading you, just not commenting since I'm still in the nightmare of this move. It will be months before I come back to blogging, I fear. Anyway, hang in there! I love all your outfits you have featured for your Hawaii trip; I thought it was great you guys planned that vacation!! I'm with you about the flying, a little Xanax and you'll be just fine!! Hoping your manager gets a good report from the doctor today!!

    in the meantime, know I'm reading, just not commenting (much)


  3. You're busier than a one-armed paper hanger!

  4. You will get to go on your vacation! All that cute clothes is begging to be worn.

    Congratulations on being voted best again. I'll be looking forward to the we won post!

    I tried to go to work yesterday and the parking lots had not yet been cleared. So I waded through knee high snow only to find the doors were drifted shut. They got the lots cleaned this morning, so I am headed to work to do a week's worth of work in 5 hours.

    Zoom! I'm out of here!

  5. I really like that first top. Really cute! You can dress that up or down.

    Actually those power pick ups are some of my best house cleaning moments! Ha

    Hey! Thanks for all the birthday box ideas! You definitely should have had a girl! I think I'm either going with the beach party theme or girls night out. At the very least, I now have a direction!

  6. love the outfits!! i feel you guys will get your vacation. you worked so hard for it. just keep the faith.

    arent boys supposed to be slobs? all guy do that...i thinks its in there genes...they just have to drop stuff where its taken off. right next to the laundry basket. though mine does do laundry, cook and dishes...he does have some bad habits, he still drops his laundry on the floor!!

    let us know how your managers appt turns out.


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