Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a wonderful day!
The weather was warm, the sun was shining, nobody called in sick, I was in a great mood, the phone did not ring all day, the snow all melted, my husband did not get my Suburban stuck in a deep ditch practically on it's side, our manager came back to work with her knee healed, the roads are all clear and I am home in a spotless house with no laundry and calm dogs all around me.
Lies. All lies.
Except for one. The sun was shining all day.

I refused to do another 12 hour day and I was so fed up with people calling in sick and bickering about the most petty things, the phone ringing every 2 minutes, my stomach hurting (probably a bleeding ulcer) and everyone talking about the next snow that is coming in a few days so I told my husband to take me home.
I promptly put on my yoga pants and fleece sweater and I will not do a thing tonight if I don't want to.

My husband took the little one to his friends house where he proceeded to help them get their minivan unstuck in their driveway. In the process, he backed up to let a car go by on the 2 lane road and slid into the ditch.
AAA said it would be 2 hours (they never showed) and the tow truck company (a customer of hours) said 30 minutes (which was more like an hour) so he finally got out safely. He took photos of my car laying practically on it's side in a deep gully (I chose to ignore those pics) and told me how the tow truck driver asked him if he wanted him to flip the car on it's top to drag it out (the easier way??) or keep it upright. Hilarious.

The dogs are on fire today. They don't want to go out but running pell mell through the house is the chosen activity. I would throw them all outside if was sure the 2 small dogs wouldn't sink in the snow never to be seen til we find their bones after the spring thaw.

I plan to watch the Bachelor, read some blogs, eat a Snickers that I have been saving, have a vodka tonic (or 2) and go to bed early.
Then I get to get up early and do this all again tomorrow.

10 days.

Let us pray.


  1. Just keep telling yourself 10... make that 9 days! Hang in there. I think we are going to be able to get out tomorrow. They dug this long drive out by hand. I watched. Crazy!

  2. Crazy!!!
    Well at least it's not boring. Yeah, that's no consolation is it?
    Anyway... 9 Days!!!! Wish I was going too.
    Just sayin'


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