Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanted to be interesting today and document my day in photos but I only got this far and got too busy to remember.

at the bank drive-thru

at a stop light
So, I lost but you gained. See?
So I will torture you with words instead.

6:30- alarm goes off, I hit snooze (this goes on for about 30 minutes, give or take)
7:00- little one gets up, showers, gets dressed
7:25- husbands alarm goes off, I tell him to take little one to school, he goes downstairs and makes coffee and lets the hounds from hell out (we have a light dusting of snow and they ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!)
I also go down and feed them, water them and say goodbye to the little one who is grabbing a Pop Tart (he eats this healthy every day despite the fridge full of breakfast food) I get coffee, drink coffee, read e-mail, a couple of blogs and People and US Weekly online.
7:55- I shower, shave, lotion, spackle, teeth, dress, perfume and do the hair. It's going to be a ponytail day. I wear my Michael Kors sweater ($20 at Marshalls) long sleeved tee, jeans, and Uggs (it is cold and the hours of sitting at the restaurant demand comfort and warmth)
At some point, husband showers, dresses and asks if I will be ready soon.
8:50- I leave for 9am meeting at work, he leaves right behind me.
9:00- get to work, inventory the morning so far (plumber is there to clean drains which started backing up last night, Pepsi soda fountain is leaking CO2, heater has been acting up for many weeks, (we have ordered a new one for a measly $16,000 but it is on order and has not been installed yet), morning has been hectic, everyone is a little on edge because of the changes, ladies room faucet is leaking, men's toilet is leaking (tell plumber) our 9am appt. is late), general manager is there waiting and having breakfast.
9:30-10:00- join manager, think about having toast, server brings my coffee, wait for husband who is on the phone with Pepsi and many other people.
9:40- food guy shows up to go over menu, eventually join him for what ends up to be an aggravating and painfully long meeting where nothing has been accomplished and time is waning. Don't eat toast. Husband loses patience and calls food guys boss. He is on his way (an hour away)
10:00-11:00- I babysit the general manager's grandson who is 8 mos old. His dad (one of our cooks who has another job as well) is at work, his mommy is in rehab for heroin addiction (I KNOW!) and he is used to being held and coddled all day. I walk around with him, seating people and talking to guests (we have another manager working so we can focus on the meeting) and going through menu stuff. I feed him, get him to sleep in his seat and go to the bank.
11:00- 1:00- go through menu changes, I finally eat (pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream- shutup) baby goes to aunts house after waking up and wanting no more of me, things get ugly and my husband fields lots of phone calls, the boss of the food company guy arrives as food guy leaves.
1:00-2:45- endless discussion, my headache creeps back, smoke comes out of husbands ears, start to make progress, promises are made and boss leaves
3:00- little one texts, he is going to friend's house for pork chops and to study, we go to printing shop and run a few errands, more phone calls
4:00-now- husband talks to boss of the boss of the food guy. He is coming in the morning to meet with him. They are meeting in a neutral and quiet place where our customers cannot hear the goings on. My husband is inviting him to our house to help him clean his guns  make the final decisions and get to the bottom of all these screw ups. Finn is looking forward to a tasty snack his visit. I pray he doesn't go upstairs. It is kind of messy.
We have dinner at work, help during the dinner rush, go home where I let out the hounds, feed them, start the dishwasher, text the little one when to be home, play with dogs with husband, and finally take the hottest and longest bath, read a book and drink a vodka tonic (breaking my no drinking on a work night rule) while talking to husband and Finn (they enjoy hanging with me in the bathroom) husband showers and we discuss the day.
Wonder out loud why the hell we didn't take the trip to Hawaii after all of this. 
Decide that in a couple of weeks, we are going to Eureka Springs to get away. 
Blog, read, Advil pm, heating pad, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

here is a cute photo from Tulsa, my sister D and I were beat after cleaning and took a 30 minute snooze along with 4 dogs and a cat.....peaceful is what it was
The dog on me is Moose, my youngest sister's dog, Mel's dog Wylie is between D and I where the arrow is pointing (you can see his eye) and Weechee is on D.
Elliot and the cat, Frank are at the end of the bed.


  1. Is that all you did today? Geez... what a lazy day! lol just kidding!

  2. Dang girl! I'm tired just reading about your day! You deserve to break the 'no drinking on a work night' rule after a day like this!
    Love the animals in the bed photo!

  3. my gosh what a day!! The boss of the boss with the food company, that doesn't sound like that is going too well!! I think you need to change your no drinking on a job night rule, I think you need a drink after a day like this (which I am sure is the norm more than the unusual!)


  4. Yikes! What a day!
    Perfect picture to end the post with. Ha

  5. I agree, too bad you didn't wait to go to Hawaii. But then, we both know when you own your own business, there really NEVER is a good time to get away. Something ALWAYS comes up....especially when you have plans for something fun.

  6. I'm very sad that you are planning Eureka without me. It is supposed to be our happy place together!

  7. Oh,that's it? Doesn't sound busy at all. ;-).

    (I would have needed to take a nap by 2:00.)

    You are so pretty, by the way. And I am loving your sweater!!


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