Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did some spring shopping over the weekend.
Every year, my husband gets a bee in his ass about "getting the yard ready for summer" way too early.
This year is no exception considering they are predicting a snowstorm for the end of March.

Outdoor tabletop heater

Husband's birthday gift

Lantern for the gazebo

Porch swing bird feeder

Tealight lanterns (love the stars!)

String lights for gazebo
Here's the thing. We are rarely home to enjoy the yard but every year, we plant flowers, shrubs and trees and have the pond cleaned and decorated. 
We plant grass seed, mow, weed, mulch and put pots full of pretty flowers out in case we decide to have people over for a party or barbeque.
We had a nice Amish man build us a pergola and planted a wisteria and honeysuckle and grapevines around it to make a cover for it (someday)
We power sprayed the deck last year and plan to have it re-stained this year. I want to put rocks in the ground in the pergola to put our outdoor furniture on instead of the grass.

We never have people over.

Except for a few parties I have thrown for the boys, we don't host parties, get-togethers, dinner clubs or birthdays.
We talk about it a lot. People ask to come see the house, the yard. 
I always have an excuse. It's never clean enough, pretty enough, finished yet. Too hot, too cold, too buggy.
Sure, we sit by the fish pond and drink our coffee sometimes, we lay in the hammock and look at the stars, we eat at the table outside (alone) and  talk about the fabulousness of our yard and how lucky we are.

This year is the one. I am going to invite people over, make margaritas and have martini bars, grill steaks, hot dogs, burgers and lobster tails, listen to music and sit by the pond, string my lights around the yard and light all the tiki torches, dance by the moonlight with my husband.
2011 is the year.

I think.

If I can just get this dump cleaned up.

First flowers

Cute dogs

Mr. Finn


  1. Wow, you are READY! I have found that actually putting the DATE on the calendar does the trick! But the DATE HAS to be PUT on the calendar and the first few folks invited...then it all falls into place. lol I know...we always plan to have folks over too, but then end up in our same old routine. And these days....we just all need one another and to reconnect! So let's both try and make it happen this year!! Good luck.

  2. I will be your trial guest! As long as you don't mind your crazy nephews, you and I can totally break in all your new stuff! Just tell me when!

  3. Just invite them and don't worry about how everything looks. They are coming to see YOU and spend time with YOU, not the yard, etc. If we keep waiting until it is all "perfect" it never will be and we waste those times of opportunity to spend with people in friendship and fellowship. So just "do" okay????


  4. I will be waiting for my invite. :)

  5. I used to be that way, but I'm much less picky about how things are and let me tell you - it is a lot more fun. Have people over! Things will never be finished because you will always have a project in the works. HAVE PEOPLE OVER! YEA 2011!

    I like your new outdoor gadgets.

  6. Sniff, sniff...spring is in the air and the work never ends whether it's indoors or out, you gotta just go for it.

    I added you to my list for The Versatile Blog Award, stop by when you have a chance.

  7. I think if you guys are back there enjoying it, that's reason enough to stick with making it pretty!

  8. ohhh, its soooo cute and you should so do it! don't wait. i would come too if you lived in the neighbourhood! but midwest and east coast are just not compatible! but if your ever in my neighbourhood, well, just pop on over. i know you love the beach. we are just minutes from it. but like everyone said....just do it, invite friends and have your party. don't wait till you have everything done. and i'm copying some of your "smell good" ideas, like downy sheets under the car seats, thats a good idea. thanks!!


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