Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Funny's Fabulous Hawaiian Hoopla- Day 2

I could not and did not sleep well that first night (or actually any of the nights)
The bed was small, mattress was not good (yes I am spoiled with a king bed and amazing mattress) and I was always confused on what time it really was. Hawaii is 4 hours behind central time. I woke up and threw the drapes open a few times trying to catch a beautiful sunrise but it was kind of cloudy and it had rained overnight. It was 6 am and the surfers were out in full force.

I actually had to blink a few times to absorb all the beauty, it was breathtaking.

Breakfast was at the Hula Grill on the lanai (patio) and consisted of fresh pineapple (my husband doesn't like pineapple, who knew?) coffee, macadamia nut banana pancakes with whipped cream and coconut syrup and applewood smoked bacon. Yes, it was a lot of food. I only ate a third of the cakes but they were delicious. My husband had eggs and sausage and these potatoes cooked with onions and peppers. He also had fresh squeezed orange juice.

Here was our view:

The beach was already busy, there were surfing lessons, boat rides, and people of every age and size.
Normally this much food so early would constitute a nap but we had things to do!
We walked on the boardwalk between the beach and the road.
Crazy trees
International Market Place- I bought lots of goodies here
Lots of great shops

 We decided to have lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise.
We had hot wings, sliders and chips with guacamole. I also had a couple of the local beers.
The windows were open and there were birds walking on the floor.
I threw them a few crumbs despite the sign, I am a rule-breaker.

 Then we went to pick up some towels and sunblock for a trip to the beach. We took lots of photos on the walk back to the hotel to change but we didn't take either camera to the beach with us.

After a couple hours on the beach, we showered and went to dinner. Yes, I wore the same outfit as earlier, I liked it.
My husband knows how much I love sushi and he found a great place called Sansei.

 We took more photos, made reservations for Valentine's Day, booked 2 trips- one to Pearl Harbor for the next day and one snorkling/whale watching trip and went to bed pretty early because we had to meet at 6:30 am for the Pearl Harbor shuttle.


  1. funny fam, beautiful photos, like i said before, it is like i was there....just gorgeous!! the sunsets, the beaches, the foliage, everything!!! i'm glad you had a wonderful time. and the food, looked so scrumptious too.!! lol have a good week~end!

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. it is absolutely gorgeous there!! (but I have the same view from my front window like you did from your hotel, LOL not, only if I stand up on a 6 foot ladder and use binoculars, but I am relatively close to the ocean :)

    yummy on the food! All of it that you ate on day 2 except I never had sushi, but if you came to visit, we could find a sushi place and then you could introduce it to me (I want to try it but go with someone experienced with what to eat)

    it looked like a fun second day!


  4. Hey girl. Thanks for taking me on this trip with you. I'm not sure I will ever get to Hawaii, but I'm hoping I do. I'll need to do some fancy saving, though, to afford to do it right.

    Beautiful photos.

  5. Even if it was busy and not relaxing, it was beautiful and fun!


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