Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!
Lots going on around here, none of it particularly exciting to you.

  • I found out who really gets picked on The Bachelor, I heard wrong and I am thrilled at the new findings! I probably also need to get a life.
  • We finalized the sign changes and for the first time, we are both happy with the end result. We ended up with an idea for the logo as well. And all of the work was volunteered by a friend of mine. We do have to pay for the sign and painting the pole but coming up with a design was going to be costly too.
  • We are sending the design/logo to the printer today for the new menus. 
  • We decided to switch from Coke products to Pepsi, better customer service.
  • We are having some holes filled and our parking lot re-striped, it needed it.
  • We have been running out of certain food items by Sunday, this means we have been busier than normal for this time of year. We have also hired 2 cooks and 2 servers, which also means business has picked up. I think the economy is finally improving.
  • I got the middle floor of the house clean on Saturday. I finished all of the laundry and got my bedroom organized, the little one's bathroom deep-cleaned (he cleans it pretty well, I just did it this time) and the stairs and upstairs hall dusted and vacuumed.
  • I talked to my sister Mel quite a bit this week. She has had some crazy weeks with her son. She is still looking for a school for him and homeschooling him until she does. I always feel better after talking to her/them. My mom would be so thrilled at how good of friends we all turned out. Most of the time growing up, we were trying to maim/impale/torture/cripple or scalp each other. There is still room for improvement though.
  • My youngest sister, J, the one in law school, wrecked her car. Her husband wrecked his a few months ago. They both have BMW's and their last name starts with a B so I told her that BMW stands for B(their last name) Must Wreck. She wasn't amused. 
  • My oldest sister (after me) D, got a nice ring for Valentine's day. Not an engagement ring but a ring. I hope that she has found the one. She totally deserves it. He is really a nice guy and treats her well.
  • My brother has moved to his own place. He always lived with my mom and when she died, he lived with my sister D. Now he lives in a men's home. I hope he is enjoying it.
  • We are going to Tulsa for a few days for spring break. I haven't seen anyone since before Christmas. The little one is inviting a friend to go as well.
  • I still haven't shopped (except for groceries). 
  • My husband's birthday is next Monday.
  • The little one turns 16 in June. I want to throw him a huge party complete with a dj and tons of people. We have friend's who own a dj company and he has lots of friends but when I asked him about a party, he said NO WAY.  Surprising him is out of the question, he would never speak to me again. I asked if I could throw him a small party with music and he said NO. Crap. I wanted to be able to throw him a kickass party like I did when the kids were younger. I was the queen of the themed party. I am going to keep asking him til he caves.
That's all I have today.
I am working on a post about our trip to Pearl Harbor. Lots of photos!
Have a great week!


  1. Can you believe your little one is turning 16???? OMG!!!

    I can't wait to find out who he picks on the Bachelor, but don't tell me!

  2. Yay. Boo. Yay. Boo. That's what I felt like reading your blog. I know. Fine input.

  3. Hmm. I hope it's Chantal. But don't tell me! I need a life too.

    I prefer Coke but then, you didn't ask so it's okay. :)

    I could NEVER homeschool. Mel is a Saint.

    B Must Wreck IS amusing. :)

    Any ring is good and if it doesn't work out she doesn't have to return it since it's not an engagement ring.

    I hope your brother is happy where he is too. Less worry, right?

    Yeah, you should have had a girl. She totally would have wanted a HUGE party!

  4. awwww, man i bet your parties are the best. i would of tried to come too if you invited me. lol

    im so happy all your restaurant stuff is coming together. i bet that is a good feeling and weight off your shoulders.

    i am proud of you for not shopping. there is always tulsa, after all. lol :o)

    as for getting along with siblings, i think we all have to fight with them. we all did when growing up. there were 3 girls and 1 boy. my poor brother. he was always blamed for everything. lol i still apologize now for stuff that he got blamed for. but he did his share of things too. life was never dull.

    have a great week in the funny home!

  5. I like Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke so its great you changed from one to another (though I haven't had a Diet Pepsi since we moved; gave that up and Splenda, now to the wine.....)

    glad it is coming together with the restaurant change with all the logos, signs, etc. Bet you will be glad when it is all done and everything is settling back in.

    Glad to hear business is doing good and you hired extra people!! Hoping that is a good sign for the economy indeed!

    It is hard to know what teens want; some like big parties, others like small gatherings or new fuss at all.


  6. oh!! i watched the rundown of the bachelor tonight, and all the while, thinking they would reveal at the end, and duh!! they didn't! well i didn't watch it all season this time, but did last time. so where did you find out who he picked and how can i find out? will you whisper it to me? lol i don't want to spoil it for anyone else, but i usually watch another show on mondays, but tonights was a rerun. so...if you have time your busy whizzy schedule....drop me a clue. i have a feeling that it might be one, my husband the other. of course, we didn't see any of the shows. so don't know anything but what they showed tonight. so...if you are so inclined, please let me know...and thanks if you do! xxx

  7. Glad to hear everything is coming together on the restaurant changeover. And yea that business has picked up!

    Maybe the little one will change his mind yet. Tell him he can't drive if you can't throw him a party.


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