Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am not here to talk about my day (and you really don't want to hear about it!) (there was almost a divorce)

I finally fell asleep after 4 this morning. I took a 2 hour nap yesterday and my mind wouldn't shut off last night so I finished Eat Pray Love, very good I must say, and just kept watching the clock. I am not a "get up and snack/watch tv/blog in the middle of the night girl so I just stayed in bed and waited for sleep, which was late.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day the franchise president was to meet us at our lawyers for the official paper signing to relieve us of our albatross franchise agreement but he is allowing us a couple more days until this effing menu is complete.(without paying another month of fees)
Everything else is going according to plan. The sign is coming down tomorrow and being replaced which will take about 2 weeks and until then, we have a huge banner going up with our new name. New name tags are in and the servers will wear them tomorrow. Anything else with the old name/logo can stay until the effing menus are done and the papers signed. I said effing. Twice.

Thank you for a few ideas on makeup. It is a big world and the choices are endless. 

To answer a couple of questions, I got most of my headbands (which my sister has made fun of) at Target and Gap.
Yes, my hair is silky and does lay nicely but not without Aveda Smooth Infusion and a long blow dry session followed by a longer flat iron session. If I let it air dry, it is fuzzy and flippy.

Any other questions for me?

I got a dozen fresh brown eggs for watching the neighbors chickens. I cannot stand eggs but the husband and kid are happy.

I have to go back up to work in a bit. I am so sick of that place. We are waiting for an email to proof some things.

The little one has had tests all week so he has been studying and eating dinner with various friends. I wonder if their parents think I am a bad mother. I am too tired to care.

I missed my brother and nephews birthdays yesterday and by the time I remembered, it was too late to call. 

I didn't make it to the grocery store today but I did a bit of online shopping. Actually, I put stuff in my 'cart' and saved it. Not sure if I need anything but it made me feel better for a while. 

I want to get some jeans and a pair of black flats. Anyone seen any cute ones (shoes) I might need?
I wear the heck out of my gunmetal Coach flats. Love them long time.

Molly needs a spa day, she is scraggly and pitiful. I am a bad dog mother.

Someone pooped in my husbands office. Wasn't human. It is smallish so I blame Skip. Molly was napping upstairs when the crime occurred.


  1. At times effing is necessary.
    Crossing my fingers, everything goes perfectly according to your plan.

  2. I actually made my own headband tonight, and I made headbands for the baby.

    Funny cuz my grandson pooped on the floor today, too!

  3. LOL with your first line in this post, there will be no divorce or talk of it, okay???? (I'm serious :)

    Hang in there, it is so close that everything will be done. And like I think I said before, you will look back on these times and you'll smile, however, that may take the next 50 years!! Seriously, it will all come together and it will be wonderful with your new name, menu, etc!!!

    makes me wish I could be there for the grand opening!!!


  4. I'll be watching for your new sign next time we are through that area and hopefully time whatever trip we are on so that we can stop and check out your new effing menu!

    Have a great weekend and hopefully the sunshine they are promising will materialize.

  5. just a quickie note to say it wasnt me that pooped in the office, i went outside where i was sposed to a good girl!


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