Friday, March 25, 2011

I wanted to do a favorite things friday post today but I haven't felt well the last 2 days and it seems like too much work.
I get these tension headaches caused by my stupid neck and they really just make me tired and crappy feeling and crabby.
I went into work to do some final menu tasting duties (eating all that food is getting annoying, I am ready to just say PRINT THE MENU ALREADY) and then picked up the little one and went home with big plans to finish the last load of laundry and get started on my projects.

What I did was get in bed and sleep for 3 hours and at one point, when the alarm went off after an hour, I told the little one he could have a friend over so I didn't feel guilty about ignoring him.
I took the boys to the restaurant to have dinner with my hubby and I just kept feeling awful.

To make things worse, last week a friend of ours who also works on our refrigeration equipment was hospitalized last week for fluid build-up around his heart. We went to see him in the hospital on Sunday and he was feeling much better after they drained the fluid and was given tests to see why the fluid was there in the first place. He was out of the ICU and ready to be sent home and we spent some time visiting with he and his wife, who I really like, and picked them up some dinner (she had been sleeping at the hospital with him all week)
They have invited us to go with them on their yearly cruises a few times now and we talked about our trip to Hawaii and possibly going with them on a cruise next (this) fall.
I called them while I was waiting for our food and while I was leaving them a message, they walked in to have dessert. His wife came over to say hi and told me that he has cancer. No other info yet but he has to see an oncologist to learn more. She was almost in tears and he was trying to be brave for her (she is in remission for sinus cavity and lymph node cancer and went through radiation hell for over a year, she has had many surgeries and has gotten back her sense of taste and smell, which many people don't)
I am really scared for them because they are just a bit older than us and good friends of my husband (and me as well now) and this news is really scary.

I invited them to join us for dinner tomorrow night so we could could relax and talk and hopefully plan a trip in the future.

I don't want to sit here and complain because my life is not that bad but I do wish my head would stop hurting. I had this same problem right before we left for Hawaii and made a quick appt. for a neck and shoulder massage which fixed everything. My MIL thinks I need to go to the chiropractor for this problem since it is caused by stress which I always have.
To top it all off, the weather has taken a bad turn and we had some sleet and freezing rain and very cold temps today with unknown winter warnings in effect till Monday. It was 80 on Tuesday so this stinks.

My favorite actress ever, Reese Witherspoon is getting married tomorrow.

I saw this in People today and feel like it might be a perfect match.

Crazy Vienna and 'guard and protect your heart' Kasey.

My hubby just got home so I am going to spend some time with him and my heating pad before I go to bed (again)

Have a great weekend! I hope it is warm where you are and I hope the blizzard the farmer's almanac is predicting misses us altogether. March came in like a lamb so I suppose it will go out like a lion. Rawr.


  1. Prayers for your friends!

    I have been having a lot of headaches for the last week, too. I'm thinking mine our weather related. I'm not sure what you are talking about because it's 80 at my house! Kidding.

    Gets some sleep. All this restaurant planning will be over before you know it.

  2. that is sad about your friend and her husband; I am glad though that you guys will be getting together for dinner and support and perhaps a trip down the road!

    hope you feel better with your headaches; those I am sure are so uncomfortable too!!

    if it is any comfort, we are having colder than average weather here too, not sleet, not blizzards, but just cold.........(and rainy again for the weekend)

    take care of yourself!!!


  3. Our weather, here in S. Arkansas, has been beautiful..tomorrow we're expecting rain..the day I want to have my grandson birthday party outside!
    I'm so sorry to hear this news about your friend. But I'm happy to hear about his wife being in remission for sinus cavity cancer..the same cancer the Dr feared my son had two weeks ago!
    I'll be praying that you get to feeling better soon!
    Try to have a good day anyway!

  4. That is so sad for Mr. Refrigerator. Do they know what kind of cancer it is yet? I really hope he's going to be okay. Poor guy. At least he got sick when he did so that they could find the cancer, hopefully early.

    Sorry you're painin'. You know the cure for that is 3 double-tall vodka tonics with lime, right?

  5. That's so sad about Mr. Fridge. I will add him to my prayer tower.

    You should just have a regularly scheduled massage therapy appointment! For Pete's sake, it won't get so bad if you have regular treatments! Do it!

    I'm thinkin' Mel's cure wouldn't last long and then you'd just have headache. Ha

    By the way... the binoculars... birds, yeah birds. ha.
    No really, the hubby checks out Mt. Hood all the time. Not as interesting as the neighbors. ;)

    Have a great weekend, dispite the weather. I'm drowing in rain over here so I feel your pain. Kind of. :)

  6. Sorry to hear about the bad news about your friends, don't wish cancer to anyone, nor headaches for that matter. Hope everyone gets well soon. If it makes you feel better (probably not) I often get migrains, the worse.

    Not to rub it in but, our weather has been on the 80's and will drop to the 40's for a couple of nights, burrr.

    Feel better.


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