Thursday, March 31, 2011

  • looking for a new foundation/tinted moisturizer to try, any ideas? I don't care about cost, just non-pore clogging. And decent coverage too.
  • also looking for some new facial cleansers and moisturizers- bored with mine, a trip to Sephora is imminent   
  • I want a beach house, nothing fancy, just a place to go every winter for a week or 2 so we don't have to stay in a hotel, is this asking a lot?
  • weather will improve and stay nice toward end of the week, it is about time
  • my hair is getting long and with it comes lots of compliments, sadly, I want it shorter but I am vain- thoughts?
  • I wish I could fall asleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, does anyone else feel this pain? I fall right asleep but wake up endlessly all night long and feel like a zombie every morning
  • Molly has been sleeping on the sofa while we are gone, she leaves a white hair evidence trail so Mr. Funny put a strip of upside down duct tape on the sofa. She hasn't disturbed the tape so far. Score husband!
  • it has rained every day this week and is cold, I have been looking longingly at my Hawaii pics, *sigh*

  • went to the bank this morning to sign for the loan to pay off the franchise fees, new heating/ac unit and new sign. It will feel good to get out from under those insane franchise fees every month and the stupid rules we have to follow.
  • got the menu changes back, my husband worked on it for the better part of yesterday with the food company guy,  it is still a huge mess so we made 3 copies and are proofing them individually. Tomorrow we will get together and finalize it for realz. Then I am going to Starbucks, and the grocery store. And checking on that yoga class I was going to take last year.
  • my husband asked what I would like for my "stress present" when all this mess is over. When things are bad (my mom getting sick (and dying), stress with work and home etc.... he likes to calm things down with nice gifts. This is a great concept. I am thinking about what I want. Something for the both of us, for sure, maybe a little weekend getaway. Maybe a beach house.
  • my husband hired a new cook today. His brother. This should be interesting.
  • I have been eating badly this week, and last. Makes me feel awful. I need to get out of the rut. 
  • anyone watching real Housewives of OC? I still love it. I still dislike Vicki and I cannot stand Gretchen and her idiot boyfriend. Did Tamra go crazy in Cabo or what?  


  1. I've become a fan of the Boots No 7 products from Target. I've had to order them online because the local Target doesn't carry the entire line. Yesterday I received in the mail the Boots No 7 Protect Perfect Skincare System and the Face Mask. The face mask is great because you can put it on and take it off 5 to 10 minutes later, or put on a thin coat and let it work all night and then remove in the morning. Love it.

    Hope the Franchise problem stress goes away very soon. That will probably fix your sleep problems.

  2. Hope your brother-in-law works out. Working with family can be interesting.

    Stress presents! Wonderful concept!

    Totally understand the no sleep thing. Hope yours gets resolved soon. Life is so much better when you get a good night's sleep! I'm afraid I'm years away from the menopause experts tell me.

  3. I thought your hair looked cute in the ponytail, but do whatever you want. My hair is down to the middle of my back now, and I can't believe I haven't chopped it off yet. I'm a short hair kinda girl, too.

    Good luck with the BIL working at the restaurant.

    Where are you finding all these cute headbands? I know you have told us before, but I didn't want to search through your posts to find out. I'm lazy like that. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I think a beach house would be wonderful! ever think of a timeshare some place?

    You got your priorities in order, finish your work, then Starbucks, then grocery shopping; coffee before shopping is always a good thing!!

    Hoping the brother as a cook goes well!


  5. oh it would be fun to have a beach house to have to run away to. but alas, i have the could always come here to purchase your getaway. lots of good property on the east coast. and if your hubs likes to golf, well we have lots of that too!

    have you ever used artistry make up? it is non-comedogenic, (nonclogging) and is supposed to be very light and and really good. i used to use it and i hear they improved since then.

    i have been letting my hair grow too, and i hate the in-between stage. you have that silky texture, mine is more course, and has body. i like the way yours moves. we are never happy with what we have, let's just face it. lol

    i hope you have less stress after all your business stuff is done. i am sure that is weighing heavy and causing you to not sleep good. and as for not eating good, well, we all go through a binge...just make a point to do better week. lol

    have a great rest of the week!!

  6. I'm actually really liking the Clinique foundation that's supposed to combat redness. I forget the name, and I'm using a little sample jar they gave me free months ago, so it's not marked. I use very little, more like a concealer than a foundation, but it covers well and stays on well.

  7. Okay, I have not been in Blogland for several days so I am only leaving one comment.

    Seriously to hiring the new cook? Did he learn nothing from their initial business adventure?

    Itchy My Cracky. Funny stuff.

    Menus are a pain.

    I can't find a moisturizing foundation I like either. They are all too sticky and greasy.

    I did not like my skin care line that I tried so I won't recommend it. It was Philosophy.

    Let your hair grow out just for a couple of months and then hack it away.

    I didn't make fun of the headbands. I just said they were... interesting for you. Not your normal choice.

    I want to take part in the summer house. If we split it a few ways we can totally afford it. If it's a shack in the woods.

    What is your stress gift going to be? You already got a new purse? I'm thinking a trip to Eureka. B wants to take me but I don't think we can go til May 7 or so. Wanna come?

    Oh, you forgot to give away your secret for straight hair! You didn't tell them how you pull out every single offending hair on your head!

    Big's meds don't work and the ped's son just died so I can't get it fixed for a few more days at least. I am in pain. Gotta run.


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