Friday, March 25, 2011

Normal Day

I am so ready for this craziness at work to end.
Our deadline is April 1. (April Fools)
New business, new sign, new menu.
We had our parking lot re-striped and potholes filled. New mulch, weeds pulled and flowers planted (and more coming soon) and some other landscaping done (none by me- thank goodness) and we ordered a new heat/ac unit yesterday (you do not want to know what those cost.....)
We had some cosmetic things done inside the building as well although if a meteor fell on it and we had to rebuild, I would be more pleased. Does insurance cover meteors?
We finalized the menu changes and tasted a few more foods today.

I picked up a few pairs of athletic shorts for the little one at Hibbett today. Huge sale. They had a great selection of workout gear and North Face jackets on clearance. I decided to get myself some Nike running shorts, tanks, and tees. I got this jacket- love it!!

One of my neighbors has a son my youngest son's age. We have known each other since we took mommy and me swim lessons when they were 3 and we have always been friendly but never really hung out together. We are friends on FB and she texts me occasionally to tell me funny things about our uppity neighborhood.
Her sons decided to raise chickens for extra money. (eggs and meat) They have a beautiful custom built home (she and her husband designed and built it themselves) and recently built a chicken coop behind it with a privacy fence around it. Here is the text I received from her tonight (she is in white)

She has an underground fence for her 2 labs but the collars are not working right and she is worried the chickens might get out (it has happened) and the dogs will chase them.
She also is expecting baby chicks next week. If you saw her perfect dining room, you would never believe there are eggs and an incubator in there.
This is actually not a weird conversation. It is perfectly normal for us. (and we live right out of the city limits so we can have farm animals)

To make a long story even longer, we decided to start running together.
I will probably be the one sprawled out on the road while chickens peck out my eyes and she will be the one running after them but at least I have a stupid plan.

Also, I had some cash laying on the stove tonight and the little one decided to do this:

See the arrow? It points to the 2 folded bills pictured below. The word MOM is spelled out as well.

One is the Twin Towers and the other is the Pentagon. (smart kid)

If I have time tomorrow, I will post some of my new favorite things. 
Maybe I will also get some things done around this funny farm.


  1. Little One is clever with the money! I'm wondering if he got a little bit of reward for his cleverness?

    too cute with your friend and the chickens :)

    but running sounds like fun! you'll build up your endurance and next thing you know you will be running a marathon!

    I bet you will all be excited when all is done for the restaurant change over!!


  2. wow, that was pretty clever for your son to do.

    and also to have your neighbour have funny. and you having to help if they get loose, im getting a visual of this picture in case the fence should not work. but it is toooooo funny!! my belly is hurting from laughing! if it does happen, please have video ready!!


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