Friday, March 4, 2011

A Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad Fashion Friday

When we got back from Hawaii, my husband said we need to stop spending and build our savings back up again.
It sounded like a good idea at the time but now I feel as if I might have sold my soul.
You see, I like shopping.

On Monday, there was a message on the machine from a girl at the Coach store. They are having a sale for preferred customers (me) and I get 25% off for the next 2 weeks.
In Hawaii, I fell in love with a bag and a pair of flats at one of the Coach stores. The bag was way out of my range but I got the shoes. Love them.

Delicate flats in Gunmetal

The bag is much cheaper here (same bag) and I love the shoes so much I want to get them in black.
But I am not spending.

I keep seeing the cutest spring clothing on blogs (I have stayed away from all stores including online) and it hurts people, it hurts.

My salon has some new Aveda hair products but I declined.

There is a new perfume (or 3) that I just want to sniff, but I cannot, because I might buy it.

I found a new lip crayon at Sephora that I adore and want in every color. I got this one:

Flushed is the color

I did get this cute Swatch Hawaiian watch.
I haven't had a Swatch since the 80's.
I love all of these.
From afar.

I really love the wide leg jeans.

And these bags.
And shoes.

On a different note, I have been very lazy this winter.
I can blame the weather, depression, or a multitude of other things but the truth is, I am just a procrastinator.

Starting yesterday, I am serious spring cleaning mode. Or just cleaning in general.
I started with the dining room by putting my cute bird plates back on the table and putting away the Valentine decor and table settings (I do love them so) and after I got the room clean from top to bottom, I was inspired to do the rest of the house (as you can plainly see from my extra long time consuming post today)
My plan is to give myself a time frame to be finished and since we plan to go to Tulsa for a few days for spring break, the 11th is the day.

I have heard through a few of the local farmers that we are expecting a huge blizzard again toward the end of March. I see no humor in this since we plan to work on the yard this weekend and plant some more grass seed and clear out the stray leaves. I even bought some large elephant ears the other day.
Wish me luck on this insane journey to hell cleanliness. There is not enough vodka in all the land to make me look forward to this.


  1. It is a great thing to save (maybe invision another mini vacation here in the USA) and I am not trying to be an enabler, but, would your husband like for you to look all frumpy and dishevelled or pretty and up to date (you look good = he looks great). Now what if you both compromised, as you spring clean you can get rid of old stuff like maybe donating clothes and shoes you no longer wear (think tax break) and you can get a couple of things now and then until summer (so the universe does not go off track). If Mr. Funny reads this, my name is not Gloria, it's Mary. I'm just saying.

  2. Good luck on the cleaning. I've been doing a lot of clearing out - but not nearly enough. I'm such a pack rat.

    That is seriously cute stuff you are drooling over, but just think how good it will feel to have the savings built back up!

  3. hahahaha, at other commenter....i agree whole heartedly... donate or give away old or unworn clothes, and get new stuffs. works for me. i empty my drawers or closet each season, or try to, and then i get new things, not as much as you. but some here and there. and i loooooove all your choices. soooo freaking cute. i may have to steal some of your ideas. if you dont mind, but afraid they may be too young looking on a 50 year old!! lol anyway, maybe you will have to compromise with mr. funny, give and take, or save on the grocery bill, buy a new purse? be will figure it out. keep us in the loop.

  4. good for you for getting in the cleaning mode; when you are done at your home, plenty here to keep you busy and I'll spring for a bottle of vodka (or two or three or four :)

    you have great tastes in clothes, etc. But it is good to have a season for regroup and save in anticipation of days ahead where the bargains might be a bit better??

    enjoy your time in Tulsa when you go for spring break!



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