Friday, March 11, 2011

See Ya

My husband has been up and around for no more than 25 minutes this morning and he has already told me 3 times that I need to get away from the computer and shower/pack/take dogs to grandmas.

I think he has forgotten that I work best under extreme pressure.
It is going to be a beautiful day, I noticed some green grass popping up in the backyard when I was on the phone with my sister.
I also noticed Molly was barfing on the green grass. Now she has barf in her beard.

In case you are confused, I am picking up the little one early from school today and heading to Tulsa for a few days.
I cannot wait but the long drive daunts me. The little one is not a fun traveler- never has been.
He won't play car games, hates my choice in music and tells me to honk any time someone irks him. He doesn't like Jolly Ranchers or Laffy Taffy or Gardettos (car snacks)
He shushes me when I talk to him (he plays with his DS or iPod) and tells me I talk too loud on the phone (I usually spend most of the trip talking to a.) my husband b.) one of my 3 sisters c.) him.
The positive things are that he rarely has to stop and pee (his older brother has to go every 50 miles) and he is quiet.

Mel has beeg plans for me.
Tonight is girls' night. We are going to dinner and then to hear her friend's husband play in his band.
Tomorrow, after my husband arrives, we are going to dinner to celebrate his birthday and my sister's friend's birthday. Sushi, I think and hopefully drinks.
Mel informed me that it is Clinique Bonus time. I wonder if that is excluded with the "we shall save our money" rule. I hope not.
The rest of the time will be spent trying to stay away from my sister's children, who I love but who are very, very, very loud. And early risers.

When we planned our trip to Hawaii, we almost moved it to this weekend because of our managers broken knee. 
Glad we didn't.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Don't forget to turn your clocks forward!


  1. Woowoo! Have fun!! Hooray for Daylight Savings Time!

  2. Have a great time! Sounds like a fun get-a-way! Hope it's a sunny weekend for you! My grandson is a good traveler, but he tells me "Gramma, can you please stop singing? I'd rather just listen to the radio."

  3. have a good, relaxing time! take lots of pics. and jam the car tunes and tell little one to plug in his ipod so he wont hear it!! lol

  4. You crack me up. Have a great time.

  5. sounds like a wonderful time planned! by now, you are there, all settled in, partying hardy with your sister and having a great time! enjoy!



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