Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are home, a day late and a few dollars short.
The windows are open and it is a beautiful day but I have a huge list of projects that I want to get accomplished before the weather turns to spring full time.

I got the kitchen cleaned from top to bottom including the entire fridge, and the oven.
I also got all of the laundry finished.

Had a good time in Tulsa.
We had a girl's night to see a local band which ended up being in a very loud, smoky bar and Mel and my brother were my 'girls' plus a couple of Mel's friends. My brother (who is legally blind and physically and slightly mentally handicapable) had the time of his life and he danced like crazy. I insisted he drink Coke since the margarita he had at the Mexican restaurant made him a wee bit beligerant. He kept saying "you girls can put this on your blogs!!"

This will be a kind of "What I Am Loving Right Now" post because I finally went shopping.

I made it to the new Anthropologie store there and came home with a new accessory for my dining room.
Quilting circle table runner

I also picked up a few spring tops at Gap. 
Do you see a color theme here? ha

Printed crease tee

Flutter sleeve crew neck tee

Tulip sleeve tee
I never realized I liked purple until recently.
I love to wear comfortable clothes to work but still try to look a little stylish so the details in these t's do the trick. 
And they were all on sale so I spent under $30. Yay! (I noticed as I linked these that they are not on sale online- bleh)

We celebrated my husband and my sister's friend's birthday with dinner at Charlston's and 2 amazing cakes from Merritt's bakery (they are hands-down the best cakes I have ever tasted)
We had a chocolate butter cake and a lemon cake and they did not last long at all.

We also got some sister time in by going to Starbucks multiple times, picking up our Clinique Bonus gifts and a new spring lip gloss. I stocked up at Body Shop on lotions and washes and with their buy 3 get 2 free sale, I got a free eyeshadow and lipstick. I also had enough points for a $15 free gift so I got a jumbo bottle of my new favorite body wash. Free.

We spent a lot of time eating as usual. 
We also did some drinking but Mel got sick the first night so the only other time we drank was during the Bachelor.

My husband probably did not have much fun because he hates to shop but he did manage to surprise me with a couple gifts.  (he picked them out on his own but I was not with him and had no idea!)
Love you Mr. F!!

The bag I loved when he first showed it to me in Hawaii.
I know you are shocked- a purple wallet

I did get to spend some time with my sister D helping her take care of my brother after he had a tooth pulled. He was knocked out cold and we had to almost carry him in the house and get him in bed.
We got some serious housecleaning and laundry done while he was passed out and had some nice girl time as well.
She lives in my mother's old house (my brother recently moved out to an assisted care facility) and there is so much to be done before she can move out to get her own place. We got a lot accomplished but I hope to get back soon and help her with more.
Mel came over late and we watched the Bachelor finale.
That was a bizarre show, for sure.

Before we came home, the little one begged to get another cake from Merritts so we did. 

While we were gone, the nurse called to tell us that everything came out fine with the little one's echocardiogram the other day so it was indeed growing pains. He is feeling better now.

I need to go shower (yes it is 4:30) and take the little one and his friend out for hot dogs and ice cream shakes like I promised.


  1. Love the purple wallet!

    Sounds like a lot of good family fun time!

  2. Love those new tops! I've had a charcoal thing going all winter, maybe I'll switch to lavender for spring and be cool like YOU!
    Are you ready for the dentist/bach? I am!

  3. you did great shopping to get those tops for all under $30; cute too! also like your wallet; great color!! sound glad you had a great time visiting your family!


  4. You sure did pack a lot into a few days!

    I love purple too but have laid off if it, since I realized I had a theme very similar to yours going. I even have a purple bedroom and bathroom downstairs that need some serious remodeling!

    Cute tops and love the purse and wallet. I am also a sucker for anything body - soaps, lotions, makeup... you name it.

    Glad you had such a good time with your sisters and that your dear brother is doing ok.


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