Friday, April 8, 2011

Bullets again.

  • The meeting went well (husband's words) I was a bit cold to the lawyer while my hubby and our lawyer stepped out to take phone calls but he made small talk and I chilled a bit.
We have to adjust the shape of our sign (we are using the existing sign with our new one clipped over it) so that is a minus. The sign company we used did research to see if the franchise had the right's to the shape of the sign and found no issues but they were mistaken.
We have to change the names of a few more menu items which are trademarked (we didn't know and we couldn't send copies of the menu to corporate because it wasn't ready early enough)

  • We have 90 days to comply and the sign company does not have an issue with chopping off the bottom part of the sign. The menu items are "no big deal" (husband's words)
  • The new menu started today. There were a few hiccups but nothing major.
  • We have been very busy these past few days at work. I guess the attention has been good.
  • The girl from the newspaper was in for lunch when we stopped in to check on things. I asked her if she would re-take our pics for the paper and she had no problem. I was wearing a charcoal ruffled tank and a coral cardi and I stood up taller and sucked in. The pics are much better. Tomorrow we will be in the paper.
  • I got my Sephora purchases today (nice to get a gift when you have a less-than-great day) The lipglosses are awesome and the perfumes are equally lovely. Score.
  • The little one is taking his ACT on Saturday. He is not thrilled.
  • The weather has been very nice. More rain for the weekend but a few days of sun ( and wind) isn't all bad.
  • Picked up a pair of cute black flats today. I desperately needed a comfortable pair for work.
  • Planning a trip with Mel and her hubby to Eureka for sometime in May. A cabin or cottage with a hot tub and some down time. Much needed by all.
  • Our lawyer has a condo on the lake. He invited us to join him some time for dinner at our favorite restaurant on the lake. It is never bad to have a lawyer as a friend. 
Thank goodness it is Friday. This week has been long and exhausting.


  1. Almost there!

    Yep, I think spring has finally sprung for us folks in MO. Yeah! Except for the storms.

    I really, really want to go to Eureka. Maybe this summer we will get to go.

    Yep, a lawyer friend could probably come in handy.

  2. I already knew all this, so my only comment is to congratulate you on the proper use of apostrophes! Good job!

  3. glad you are planning some fun things with your sister to look forward to in the days ahead! Poor Little One, not only the test, but he has to get up EARLY to take it on a Saturday, life is so unfair, isn't it :)

    LOL about the pictures being retaken; I'm sure the first one was just wonderful!!

    Hang in there!! It will come together!!



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