Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Handing it all over to God

I broke a hand mirror last week when I was flat-ironing the back of my hair.
I was already tired, running late and on my way to take the little one to school and myself to work.
I am not really superstitious but I did mutter, "bad luck if you break a mirror" while I picked up the glass.

Our good friend was diagnosed with adenosarcoma last week. He starts chemo this week and since we met he and his wife Saturday night for a drink and then had to leave immediately to take my mother-in-law to the hospital, I never found out his prognosis.

Yesterday we found out my MIL has cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare cancer of the bile duct.
They transported her to Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis yesterday; there are wonderful doctors there who specialize in this type of cancer.
We drove to the hospital to see her off and arrived just minutes before she left by ambulance for a long journey in the pouring rain. We picked up my husbands brother who had been there since Saturday evening (my husband was there with them until Sunday afternoon), grabbed some coffee and bagels at Panera and spent the trip home making phone calls to people that my mother-in-law knows.
There are lots.
I got online and read everything I could about this type of cancer. The statistics are either grim or promising depending on what you read.
We are waiting to hear what her treatment will consist of. It is usually surgery to remove the tumor and see if it has spread to the lymph nodes or surrounding organs.

Did the broken mirror attribute to this string of events? 
Doubtful. That is just silly.
But it pissed me off and gave me something to blame when there is nobody and nothing to blame.

My husbands mother has a favorite expression: "Give it to God"
So God, here you are. 


  1. Your MIL has a wonderful expression; I am sure she is thinking that and saying that as she is going through this. I am so sorry. All we can do every morning when we get up is give it to God; He's all we got that makes any sense in the world as we live our lives; the hope of him, the promises of him that he won't abandon or forsake us, but that he will walk with us through the difficulties, pain, suffering, sadness of life. hugs to you all; again I am so sorry.

    email me any time if you need anything I can help you with


  2. Your MIL is in my prayers. And she is right - Give it to God.

    I'm not superstitious (knock on wood)...

  3. prayers for you MIL...dang that broken glass..(patooey...there I spit on it)...good luck to come! lol

  4. Cancer is a sucky-ass bastard. Giving it to God is all you can do.

  5. What a terrific expression about God. And you followed up with one that was equally good, too. Hoping that your MIL gets the help she needs to deal with the cancer. The broken mirror was just coincidental. Attach no significance to it at all. You didn't get cut picking up the glass, so your luck is better than you think. Hang in there.

  6. breaking the mirror was just you being clumsy...silly girl!!! lol and yes...i beleive that we should all give it to God....where else should it go??? God is the only one who could handle that!! we certainly cant do it...so she is right. in my circumstances....i have no other choice (see my blog) i have no one else i can trust or turn to. 1 cor 10:13 is one of my favorite verses....hope it helps. He won't give you more than you can bear without giving you a way to stand up under it.....(very loosely translated)

    have a good week my friend....xoxoxo

  7. I totally agree with Corgi! Your MIL is in my prayers.

  8. I'm not superstitious at all, but I do pray and we'll add your MIL and friend to our list!
    Thinking of you friend!!


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