Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!
We all 3 slept in this morning due to a late night storm and movie last night (we had tornado warnings and watched Tron- it was not my kind of movie)(and Molly hid in the basement all night- my pup knows where to go when the sh#t hits the fan, so to speak)

My husband just got the little one to school and I am trying to plan our day.

We need a new pump for the waterfall in the fish pond and the pond is ready for its annual cleaning too. All 6 fish survived the winter and the water was warm enough to feed them today for the first time.

I also need to go to Target (still!) and the grocery store.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday yard work was put off because my MIL has been sick and we went to check on her and ended up going to work to get a few things done which meant no bbq either. I had invited our friend Greg over and he cancelled on us so we went to our usual place for margaritas. Our other friends surprised us there and we talked for hours about everything. He (D) did get a cancer diagnosis but they have to run some more tests and a scan this week to see where the cancer orginated and figure a treatment plan. 
His wife (B) is set on a couples cruise in the fall for the 4 of us. We had decided it wasn't in our budget after our expensive Hawaii trip but she will not take no for an answer and I know this is her way of dealing with his illness- something to look forward to "after he gets well" so we agreed to do our best.

Sunday was a surprisingly easy day at work. The new menu has some glitches (of course it does) and the cooks are having some issues with it but our customers were very positive about the changes and the negative things we have heard were few and far between. 
It is going to take a bit longer for our sign to be finished due to having to reshape it a bit but that is minor.

Thursday is my hair appt. and I plan to go back to a shorter 'do. When my hair gets longer, it separates into pieces at the ends instead of hanging nicely and I am done with constantly brushing it and worrying about it. I will just face the facts that I am a short hair person. I saw on FB that my stylist was involved in a nasty car accident over the weekend so if she cancels, I am stuck with this mess even longer. She said she is fine, just a stiff neck and a totalled brand-new car but you never know.

It is such a beautiful day so I am going to get moving.
Have a great week!


  1. You are a short hair person, but I like it long too. What is up with the MIL? Is she okay? Keep us updated on the cancer diagnosis and how he's doing.

  2. It sounds like your days are getting better. Have a great week too.

  3. Molly is a smart dog. That's where I would of been! The storms totally missed us, so we lucked out.

    I don't think your hair looks piecy at the ends, but do whatever you feel comfortable with. It looks good short or long.

  4. I hear your pain on the hair thing. I wish I could do a longer thing but it's just too fine for that. Oh well.

    Sounds like the resturant is coming together! Are you having a grand re-opening?!

  5. Oh your poor stylist!! Hoping she is doing okay! I think I would have been with Molly in the basement; scary with those tornados!

    good to hear the new menu is working out reasonably okay too!


  6. That storm rolled right past us with a little wind and rain and headed on out to you!

    Hope your hairdresser is ok and you were able to get to your appointment.

    Cancer is a scary thing. I'm glad you are there for your friends.

  7. also a short hair person though i dream of messy buns and long hippy braids...
    still trying to catch up with everyones blogs!!


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