Friday, April 1, 2011

I finally slept last night. I feel really good and ready to tackle the errands and chores I have put off all month week!
To cheer myself up last night, I ordered a few things from Sephora. None of these things are cleanser and foundation which was what I was there for. I am up in the air on if I want to try Bare Minerals (instead of liquid) and we have a Bare Escentuals store in the mall with a Sephora close by so I will just wait to go to the city.

assorted lip heaven

Issey Miyake roller bottle

I am always on the hunt for a nice pink, not Barbie- frosted- hooker- pink, lipgloss so this should help my journey. And a travel sized Issey Miyake for my bag.

Did I tell the story of how my sister bought a bottle of Issey in NYC's Chinatown (a huge bottle for next to nothing, I am guessing it was long expired because it was in a sealed box) and it smelled horrendous??? She put it on and we were trying to walk in front of her and on the other side of the street and she renamed it, ItcyMy Cracky.
She still has it. For the memories.
Oh, it was bad.

I also got this. Mini bottles of assorted fragrance.
Warm Cotton, Shower Fresh and Fresh Laundry

They are taking the sign down already today and the newspaper is supposed to come and take pictures so of course I am staying home, if possible.
I have had my picture in the paper more times than I ever wanted to.

Here's to spring, the first day of April and new beginnings!!
Happy weekend.


  1. hey! so glad you got some sleep! geez, 4 in the morning? sounds like me, but thats my fibromyalgia, you sure you don't have that? lol

    i just got some great shoes on ebay, dansko...two pair sandles, one the regular clog kind for fall. love them. check there. they have new and used. and too.

    i would of never known you had to do all that work to your hair. it looks good though.

    have a nice relaxing weekend and try not to worry about stuff at work. let mr. funny worry and you take a break from it for a few days. it should help with the sleeping too. xoxo

  2. progress is being made with the sign being taken down, sort of an end of an era and now on to "better times" as your own boss out of the franchise!

    hoping your good night of sleep continues on in the days ahead!

    enjoy the weekend!


  3. This is the beginning of a new era, now that the old sign is down and a new one will take it's place. Congratulations on the new venture. May you prosper and grow.


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