Monday, April 18, 2011

My weekend and a gateway drug

I have nothing, nothing to say. 
Did all of you just laugh? Because really? I can have nothing to say and talk for hours. 

Short weekend. 
Friday I caught up on some television. I hate the Real Housewives of NY. Hate them. 
That husband of Alex reminds me of Alexis on Orange County's husband.
I do love the OC Wives, oh I do.

Saturday was catch-up on some silly chores and it was cold and raining most of the day. Then, right before I hopped in the shower to get ready for date night, the sun came out and it warmed right up.
We were supposed to meet our friends but the husband was not feeling well again.
Went to the lake to one of our favorite places. I had the blackened tuna, Mr. had the chicken picatta.

Sunday was work and then a nap. Duh. 
Mr. F did some yard work and the little one had a German project to work on.
I made fajitas and we watched Little Fockers. 
Toward the end of the movie, my allergies started acting up and not wanting to take a Claritin for fear of being up all night (like always), I popped a Benadryl. 
I only keep them in the house for Finn because sometimes he gets running too fast and hurts his legs. I give him a Benadryl to chill him out and a Rimadyl for pain. 

Let me say this. 
The Benadryl knocked me flat out. 
I was awake, and then I wasn't. On the living room floor. 
I think it freaked the dogs out because I was just sitting there on the floor and then bam, lying flat on my back. I was still kind of awake to feel Molly and Finn licking my arms (fantastic) but I was comatose.

I guess my hubby got me awake enough to crawl upstairs and brush my teeth but I remember none of it.
I take Advil pm all the time but never straight Benadryl. And I slept so well. Woke up refreshed and feeling great.

Today was spent on menial errands like taxes, payroll, watching the guys install the ginormous new ac unit at work (last time we drove by, they were waiting for the crane to hoist it to the roof), going to John Deere for a belt for the mower, the feed store for grass seed, and a bit of shopping for me. A couple tops.


Horizontal stripes make you look big but this many different stripes make you look insanely skinny. That's what I tell myself.

Played in the yard with the dogs for a while.

Somebody needs a spa day- sheesh

Waterfall still works

The guy at the feed store said to rake the sparse spots before spreading the grass seed so he improvised. The cinder blocks help to aerate the yard.

Love to watch a cute boy on a big machine!

My sister found a snake in her house. In a shirt she was folding. In her house.
In. Her. House. 
Sadly, I will no longer be able to visit her in Tulsa.
Thank God we have blogs. 
My husband asked how many eggs that snake may have layed in Mels bedroom. 
I am going to take my Benadryl now before I have to think too much more about it.
And so my week begins, have a great one!!


  1. I'll have to remember that; if I'm having trouble sleeping to take a Benadryl. Loved the picture of you; that color is great on you!

    Tops are cute too!! glad to see the waterfall and the fish survived the winter!!


  2. She needs to move! ASAP! might be a redneck if you use cinder blocks to rake your yard. Cute tops.

  3. Great photos of the dogs! And girl, you're just cute as a button!

    You found some great tops! I try to avoid stripes completely, but sometimes I just gotta have the I buy it anyway!

    Love the cinder block method. I'll have to remember that when we get ready to lay some sod!

  4. Oh yea..and if I took Benedryl, there would be no walking me to bed or brushing my teeth. I would be so out of it. It would just be better to leave me on the floor!

  5. Benedryl is like the date rape drug for me, not that i've ever had that, or not that i remember anyway.... i would be out for 2 days with a B!
    SNAKE... i can't quit shivering... how did i miss that story?

  6. The pond waterfall looks so pretty. And don't be jacking with my snake story. There are no eggs and if there were there is no one to fertilize them. The Mr. got fixed years ago. Ha!

    I'm a thnaaaaake.

  7. oh you are soooo freakin funny!! i can take 2 benadryl and nuttin!! i mean it fixes my allergies, but does nothing for me, as far as making me sleepy. i don't get it. but i have i very high drug tolerance level, pain tolerance and so on. bugs though, i can't handle. snakes don't bother me. bugs freak me out. critters, i can take or leave. bugs should never have been created. well, except for the VW beetle bug. LOL

    love the cute shirts! and of course i love the poopies. glad you got alot done this weekend. wish i could of said the same. i had migraine mania! lol several days worth. we had several bad storms and my head ache was the star!

    have a good rest of the week!

  8. Looks like I need to be investing in some Benadryl! That stuff sounds goooood....and I don't mean that in a creepy drug dealer sort of way, I swear!

  9. Cute tops, cute picture of you. Storms are blowing through here this morning. Hope you are having a great day!


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