Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love and Other Unmentionables

When I posted the things I love yesterday, I left out the most important.






Crescent Hotel

Best. Pizza. Ever.


margaritas and dip at Cafe Ole' in Tulsa

a warm Moose
These are a series of 3, funny boys (acting dignified)

mmmmm, flowers!

blech! yucky flowers taste bad (little one is not amused)
summertime visits
Taco Bueno and all 5 of us together

Eureka Springs

Coincidentally, things I do not love also made a comeback today.
It has rained the last 3 nights complete with thunder and all things noisy.
The last thought in my mind last night was "I should give Molly Moo a Benadryl so she can chill her skillet" and then promptly fell asleep.
I walked out into the hall this morning to a fantastic display of what I can only describe as liquid poo. 
It started right outside my doors and drip-drip-dropped all the way to the little one's door.
I went downstairs wondering who the evil culprit was and settled into the computer to read blogs and enjoy my coffee, hoping the little one would not come out of his room and trot (ha!) to his bathroom without first looking down, and putting off the inevitable.
As I sipped my java, I noticed a scent, an odor, a stench if you will, by my feet where at any given time, at least 2 dogs lay.
After a bit of sniffing around and tail lifting (shut UP, I wanted to know) I found the source.

Under her fluffy tail was a grand mess. You do not want to know.
I called the doggie spa and begged for an appt. (they love us, no, really, they DO!) and she got us right in.
I had time to shampoo the carpets before I took her in.

I stopped at the store to get stuff for pasta salad (we are having our Easter feast tonight) and a venti iced black tea at S Bucks before my cell rang and it was the salon telling me Molly was ready and by the way, she has had 4 baths because she has explosive diarrhea. (the storm mixed with her lack of wanting to go outside to do her business did a number on her colon) I paid the salon extra for their trouble although they said it wasn't a big deal. Right.

A call to the vet, a blanket in the car, a trip home that was silent in prayer and many hours later, I have a sleeping pup (Immodium, Benadryl and lots of water) delicious pasta salad, a load of blankets in the wash, and a shower in my near future.

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. ohhhhh, bless lil molly moo and her unmentionables. morgie get nervous during thunder storms too. i dont have to medicate her tho. she is fine in her kennel. it is her safe place. have you ever tried to place molly right by you near the bed in a wire crate? just during storms? so she would feel secure. some find it comforting. morgan does. i only do it when i am gone and when it storms. oh and at night when we sleep.
    hope molly moo feels better soon.

    your pics look soooo nice. i didnt know you had that many sisters. it must of been fun growing up!! do you have brothers too? you should post pics of when you were little too...

    you guys have a wonderful Easter dinner and celebration.

  2. Great photos. HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

  3. Poor Molly! The humiliation of it all! That many baths! Poor little one though being afraid of the storms like that.

    Yum on the pasta salad. Is ia recipe you can share or an old family secret??

    All wonderful pictures of what you love, beautiful family you have, incredibly blessed you are!

    hope you enjoyed your feast tonight!


  4. I like how you tried to disguise who you loved the most by putting Moose Burton in the middle. He understands that your husband wouldn't have understood if he was first.


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