Saturday, April 9, 2011

Relax? Me? Who Has Time.

We had nothing to do yesterday so we stayed around the house in the morning while the guys gussied up the driveway. We had it filled in, painted and sealed.

Then we went to lunch and ran a few errands.
I picked up some flowers and plants at the nursery, the weather has gone from winter to summer in 3 days time.
The gerber daisies were so pretty, I got shades of pink to go in my wooden basket-shaped planter.
And 2 orange ones too.
Got potato vines for my urns again, they held up til almost Thanksgiving last year, no lie.

I also picked up some more ground cover for around the pond and a few hostas.
My ambition is scary.

I filled my gas tank and washed my car.

I picked the little one up from school and we shopped a bit. I got a couple tops and a cute necklace and some black flats.
We stopped at McDonalds for a car dinner and went home.

While he picked up stray branches and sticks in the front and back, I got to work on the flower beds and gardens removing leaves and straightening things up. 

The phlox are looking good. (I haven't gotten to them yet)

I got a lot done before dark and then we had a hellacious storm last night with crazy wind and rain so the car wash and yard work were obsolete.

This morning, the little one had to be at school at 8 am for the ACT so my hubby dropped him off before work and I slept in til 9.
While the little one was gone, I got the kitchen cleaned, the floors mopped and vacuumed and the half bath cleaned plus all of the laundry done.
I am worn out, people.

The asphalt guys haven't removed the cones from the driveway yet so for now, I am parked in the yard. Well, it is really a pass-thru between our house and the one next door that goes to a gate to take you out the back roads from our subdivision. The road was put there when the houses were being built so to avoid the busy highway.

Now I need to finish a few things before my husband gets home and starts on his yard work, which will probably include me.


  1. School on a saturday? No fun! Gerbera daisies and tulips are my favorite flowers.

  2. my goodness, i need a nap just from reading your blog!! what on earth?? all on a saturday? you are supposed to be resting, wth?? but i did enjoy the shopping part. you did pics of the flowers and stuff, no tops and jewelry? i'm hurt. lol

    now its time for YOUR drink and nap. go. make. drink. and rest. quick before mister gets home and catches you. QUICK! or better yet...get all dolled up and go out and get one. k? drs. orders. who told i wasn't a dr.???? i played one years ago in a play, shhhh, don't tell. go. do. relax. you earned it. geeesh. have fun.

  3. such pretty flowers you'll be having growing at your place!!! good that you had a day to do just "normal things" around the house, etc, but I would imagine you'll sleep good night?



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