Friday, April 22, 2011

Love and Not

Things I love:

I adore these scents. I layer the Warm Cotton and Fresh Laundry together and I smell fresh out of the dryer.
This set of minis is $10 at Sephora right now.

This is my all-time favorite gloss. Bare Minerals. The cupcake and Sangria are my picks but all of them smell fantastic and are never, ever gloppy. $15 at Sephora or Bare Escentuals.

This is a new gloss for me. Josie Maran. Also not gloppy and fabulous shades for spring/summer.
I use the Precious. Because I am. At $20 it is a bit more than I like to spend on gloss but it came in a kit with other glosses. I also like the Smashbox one but the color makes me look like a corpse.

I just got this a few weeks ago at The Body Shop when I was in Tulsa. I am normally a Revlon Quad eyeshadow girl but I was purchasing body wash in bulk and I got some free gifts so I picked this. It goes on heavy or light and comes in great colors. For $8. (I noticed Pioneer Woman raved about them too and now the site is sold out) I love the Taupe and Burnished Brown and Conker.

This works well to dry up a zit quickly. I haven't found anything I like better but if you do, let me know!

Mel talked about coffee and I am on the hunt for the perfect taste.
I drink a lot of coffee and I am very particular.
I am using Seattle's Best level 3 right now but it doesn't make my heart sing. However, I dislike the coffee we are using at work right now so I am actually purchasing coffee.
I will probably go back to this one.

I am addicted to having some kind of balm or gloss on at all times. Even while asleep. There is a tube in every room in my house. Mel was putting in a load of laundry once and spotted the tube on the shelf in my laundry room. She mentioned that at that time, she was feeling like she needed a little something on her lips. Viola!
For this reason, I get a party pack in my stocking every year. This year I got 2. I will use them, never fear. I can reach over and grab a gloss while sleeping, it is next to my bed, in the kitchen drawer, in the china cabinet in the dining room, in the guest bath in the basement, etc....
If you think I am nuts, you are correct.

I fell in love with these glasses at Pier 1. I tried to bat my lashes at Mr. Funny but at $8 a pop and having a place setting for 10, he wasn't buying it (or them)
They are perfect with my Anthropologie runner and much cuter in person.
Also? These margarita glasses.

This soap smells like sunshine and warmth. It also has exfoliating beads in it. Love it!! I get the grapefruit and lemongrass scent.

Things I do not love:

This coffee I am using. I just don't love it. I haven't tried the others but the 3 is not good.

My husband loves Pantene shampoo, more specifically, the clarifying kind. It has been discontinued and the new formulas are not the same. I stopped using Pantene when they switched the scent a few years ago and now they have changed yet again. Why fix what ain't broke?

I have tried Degree and Secret on and off for years. I am a girl who sweats and I want something to work.
I like the clear Secret because it doesn't get on your clothes but if it warms up outside, it stops working. I got the clinical formula to see if I like it. Secret used to be the best. Not sure what happened.
Anyone have any good ideas? Does Degree work better? I am needing a change before summer gets here. At this time, I just reapply a few times a day and rinse off in the shower more often.

Why are the razor blades I like so expensive? These are my favorite but I hate the price!!!

It is supposed to rain for the next 6 days. While we need some rain now and again, I think 7 days of rain in a row is a bit much. I refuse to get rain boots. I do need an umbrella though or a slicker, I got soaked to the bone yesterday at least twice. The umbrella in my car is a piece of crap.

I am sure there are many other things I could post here but I am done for now.

I made a huge batch of white chicken enchiladas (recipe is Pioneer Woman's) yesterday and gave some to our friend who has cancer and the rest to my MIL who has been sick. It took a long time to cut up the fryer, shred the cheese and chop everything. In the future, I will prep it the day before and buy an already cut up chicken.

The little one had both a dentist appt. and a hair cut after school. I spent way too much time in the car because it was pouring rain and I was on the phone with a distraught girlfriend (her son is having trouble with a teacher) on and off all evening between running errands and such. 
Then I had to work for a bit because a server called out and had to fly across town to drop little one at his hair appt. which they did not have in their computer and had to squeeze him in which messed with my timing. The little one ended up catching a ride home with our sweet hair stylist (she lives close by) and I ended up cranky.

Today I need to run to Target and pick up groceries and we need to get the steaks we ordered from our neighbor (he has some cattle and we wanted some good farm-raised beef)
The little one is home with the Big D (not Diptheria, if ya get my drift) and he hasn't gotten out of bed except to visit the potty. (He will die if he sees this. Die.)
Also, the sun just came out for 5 minutes so I am going to soak it in while I can.

Have a great weekend, wherever you may be.


  1. You've got to get those floral glasses from Pier One. They are gorgeous. Maybe they'll go on sale. Fingers crossed. We're expecting days of rain too. It pays to invest in a good umbrella. I bought a cheap one and ended up getting soaked.

  2. raining in MI....again! also love the glasses!! i buy darling lip balm by the truck loads because I get sucked in by the cute hello kitty/paul frank packaging and yet, her lips still look like raw meat- ugh!
    Have a great weekend :) must go check this Pioneer lady out again- her blog is TOO much for me, i am easily confused...

  3. well if you need more glasses and want more you should get them! they are definately cute!!

    i have some but they are in storage. my MIL has some too. and they are in her hutch. and i don't have any out. it would be nice to have stuff out all the time. but we don't decorate like you do. it would be fun. your house always looks so nice.

    i think we are going to get your rain today or tonight. my "barometer" my head, is telling me so. the weather men don't seem to get it right, but my head is pretty accurate. lol

    well, hope you get a wonderful sunny and warm weekend!!

  4. I have stuck with the Secret Clinical for the last couple of years. I tried the Dove Clinical: HATE. I tried the Degree Clinical because I was assured it was the best of the best and worked for a girl who had an actual diagnosable sweating issue: NOPE. So I stick with Secret Clinical because nothing works better, even though it does not do it for me in the winter, let alone summer. I think I need to visit the doctor for some botox in my pits.

    Love those glasses. They would look awesome with my decorator plates from Anthro. I can't believe batting your weird, white lashes didn't work for you.

    Last time there was that much rain, it seems like someone built an ark... I need a good umbrella too, but they are always so expensive. I want one of those huge stand-up ones that would cover me and my whole family if it needed to.

  5. Did you forget about your true Love?

  6. Hoping the Little One is feeling better by now!! I liked those glasses, so very colorful!! Maybe an early Christmas gift???

    hope you all have a nice Easter!!



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