Friday, April 29, 2011

To update you on my mother-in-law, she is coming home today.
The hospital re-ran all of the tests and have come to the conclusion that she has Adenocarcinoma (same as our friend) which originated in the gallbladder.
Their plan of action is for her to begin chemo at an oncologists office just an hour from here so we are so thankful she is going to be home and her treatments will be fairly local.
I don't like to focus on progression and stages so we will move forward and pray for a full recovery.
My husbands aunt arrived last night and is waiting for the hospital to put a port in my MIL so she can come home.

The rain stopped for 2 days. It has been amazingly beautiful with bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds and warm temps. 
I got my bird feeder filled and hummingbird feeder filled and put out yesterday.
Rumor has it, the rain will be back tomorrow so I am going to try to get some planting done either today or Monday.

The big one moved back home for a few days with my MIL's German Shepherd (Kona's brother, Neko) and has been quite delightful.
He quit his job at a clothing store (he was driving an hour and spending wayyy too much on gas) and came to work for us as a cook.
Now, if you know anything about my oldest, you know that he has never had an interest in the family business.
He likes theater and music and fashion so cooking and bussing tables for us didn't pan out in the past.
He ended up managing this clothing store and his boss was a complete and utter piece of shit.
She kept him late off the clock, called him at home to yell at him, never liked anything he did no matter what it was and used profanity in the store. I plan to write to the company to inform them of all of this but while my son was working for her, her refused to turn her in. He did document the behavior so I do have plenty to say.
To top it off, she is also very rude to customers.
Monday night, he asked if he could go to work with me Tuesday and re-learn cooking and we were impressed that he finished the shift. Then, he worked again yesterday without so much as a whine and today was there bright and early again.
I don't know if he is finally growing up, if the horrible job made him realize we are not that bad to work for or if this is fly by night adventure but he is planning on enrolling back into college this fall.
He has kept his room (mostly) clean, washed his own laundry, kept curfew, informed of where he is so I don't worry and offered to take the little one to school and help with all of the dogs if we need him to.

 Here he is on Easter. He found an entire deer skeleton in the woods and dragged the head home (gross) to discover that it was a 10 pointer.

Since it is Fashion Friday, I will show you some of the cute things I bought online on sale at Gap.

And I never wear earrings because they make my ears itch. Someone told me to try the nickel-free kind so I bought some yesterday along with a cute and very discounted top ($5)

I also made it to the grocery store with my list and a menu plan for the week. Last night I made beef and bean burritos and they were so yummy!


  1. Praying for your MIL!!!
    lots of cute tops- oh my!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I am glad that your MIL will be coming home from the hospital today and a plan is in action for her to begin chemotherapy; I will pray for her and her complete recovery and we will just trust in God.

    I think it is great Big One came back home and is trying to get his act together and work for you guys. Sometimes it takes a bit, but they do get it and they do start wanting to grow up and become self sufficient; whatever it is, it is good that it seems to be taking root in his life! I am sure you will welcome the help from him in the days to come.....

    love all your new finds; the tops look like they will be comfortable to wear!


  3. ohhh you have such cute must have a ginormous closet!!! i loooove the shoes...they look so comfy i may have to have a look! i dont need any, but girls sometimes just must look. lol

    and you know sometimes it takes a family emergency to make young ones realize that they need to "step up" and handle things. he knew all the trouble you had been having in hiring and it was just one more thing. i am so pleased he is working out. i will be praying for your MIL and your whole situation. bless your lil family....

    enjoy your weekend and take it easy...

  4. God Bless you all. I will keep your MIL in my prayers, for her complete recovery.

    Your shopping spree looked like a huge success. Love the tops, especially.

    And oftentimes I think our kids need to walk away from us, to really appreciate us. I know my girl is so generous and kind, nothing like when she lived with us. I hope he keeps up the good work!

  5. I hope your MIL responds well to the treatments. Will keep her in my prayers.

    It sounds like the gal at the clothing store was never meant to be a manager. It is a shame your son had such a bad experience. Hopefully, things will work out better with him back home and working at the restaurant. It definitely sounds like you are off to a great start!

    Love the tops and jewelry you fashionista you!


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