Sunday, April 3, 2011

The transition of the new/old/same/different restaurant has gone swimmingly thankyouverymuch.

Except for the effing menus which I am going to continue to call "effing menus" because it is catchy and I am still proof-reading them and faxing them copies with corrections and seriously????
a monkey, a lobotomized aardvark and Lindsey Lohan as a 3 man team could have done a better job.
When they said the menus were complimentary, it was code word for "we will do the very minimum in the 30+ days we have to do this and at the last minute, we will screw you up one side and down the other" which they have. We asked them to send us the file and we would do it ourselves and they won't.
XXXXX Foods- you fail. Your design team and your customer service suck.

Moving on.
The questions have been coming- some normal and some completely without thought.
The sign came down Friday morning and the calls started. We have a huge banner saying we are open and a new sign and menu are coming soon. They wanted to know if we are open (um..) and are we the same? same management? blah
Today a woman asked me how we got out of the franchise contract which I cannot talk about or I will be sued. I have to say we parted ways amicably (a lie) and without issues (a lie)
Good news, the sign came down Friday and by Friday eve, the company had the smaller version of the sign printed so we could proof the colors. They are not done yet but so far, they are already way ahead of the menu guys (personally, I think if women were in charge, it would be done right) and it has only been 3 days.

Last night our date night was interrupted by a hash brown run (we were out at work) so after a trip to Sam's in the city where we saw 26 people from our town. I got to go to my fave sushi place and I had 2 yummy cosmos. Score!

It is almost 90 degrees outside today and we are grilling tonight and drinking cold beer (when my hubby goes to the store) and relaxing.
Peace out!


  1. It is awesome outside today! Too bad it will be 50 again tomorrow! WTH??!! I'm sure we have a nasty storm coming our way!

    We will be grilling tonight, too. Might as well take advantage of this weather while we can. Drink a cold one for me.

  2. wow, that is pretty hor over there! it was only 75 here. but nice. wish i could come eat at your place. course i don't know what kind of place it is, but i am pretty easy when it comes to food. i like all kinds. i am sure whatever the problems are, they will all work out. and two cosmos sure will help! lol

    enjoy your night of grilling and chilling! hope your week is less stressful. have a good one.

  3. hang in there!! It is coming together, it will eventually get done and everything will be great!! too bad I'm not there, I would help you proofread the menu.

    Your evening tonight sounds like a very good one!! Enjoy the nice weather, the BBQ and the beer!


  4. I would KILL to have a 90 degree day. Hell, I'd KILL for a 65 degree day!! I am soooo sick of our 50 degree weather and rain.

    Cheers to everything FINALLY coming together and for a less stressful week for you!

  5. Isn't it crazy how you can go to a store like Sam's and run into a zillion people you know. We've even run into our son and his family there. Party time!

    Yesterday was almost too hot. The wind was ferocious. I left the deck door open when I went to bed and woke to the howling storms passing through and the furnace running. Missouri!


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