Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We had a little impromptu cookout on Sunday evening.
Grilled chicken and brats- just the 3 of us.
The little one was really excited to hang with the parental unit, ha! 

I like to tell him that he looks like Bieber- he hates that!

This is as close as I get to grilling. It's man's work.

Making bruschetta

Must have beer with brats. Even if I don't eat brats.
The best bruschetta anywhere- I swear!
It was such a nice day today, sunny and warm but a bit windy.
The menus are done and we should have them tomorrow and on the tables Thursday morning. Tomorrow will be another day of last minute things like removing everything with the old name like recipe cards, menus, etc...
Oh, and the worst part? 
The newspaper is coming.
My husband left this little pretty on the desk at work today and when I found it and squealed, he said, "you can wear it tomorrow....for pictures"

It has 3 little diamonds in it. One for every year we have had this restaurant. (I made that part up but it does have 3 diamonds)
He is sweet but when you give a stress gift, you don't get to add more stress. I have nothing to wear.

The franchise president is going to be here Thursday to sign the papers and collect his money and inspect for things we aren't supposed to have. My plan is to sign the papers and go to Target and Pier One. 
I am going to need another stress present.


  1. that is a pretty necklace!! see, the end is really in sight!!! It will be a thing of the past in just a few short days!! sounds like and looks like a delicious BBQ for you three!


  2. I am ready to do some grilling, too. You're right, it's man's work, but at least you have a pretty apron. I'm actually scared of the grill.

    Tell your husband that I have been a little stressed out myself!

  3. Gorgeous necklace. Makes stress worth the work. SMILE.

  4. awww, honey what a lovely necklace! and you will make it soooo cute around your neck. and i am so sure you have a wonderful outfit in your closet. left from your hawaii trip?? no? let's go look, k? peek behind all the purses, or shoes...maybe. lol

    if not, well, you can go get a new lil summit i am sure. can you post pics of the digs when its all done? your new restaurant? i bet it will be such a load off when its all finished, you will need a get-a-way, you and hubby. you should start planning. haha let us know how it all goes.

  5. You totally deserve a stress present after all this. The necklace is gorgeous!


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