Sunday, April 24, 2011

Well, Easter dinner was nice but things went downhill from there.
My mother-in-law has had some medical problems. A prolapsed uterine wall, bladder and other parts I won't get into. Then she had a terrible bladder infection which was treated but she never improved. She had an ultrasound last week and they found some swollen bile ducts so her doctor made her an appt. with a gastroenterologist for 5 weeks from now. With her pain and inability to eat much without severe pain, she tried to get an appt. sooner but there weren't any. There happened to be a cancellation so she was going this coming Thursday (her doctor did not seem concerned, which really ticks me off and they would not try to get her a sooner appt., she did that herself)

After dinner, we talked for a while while the guys all did some target practicing with their stupid firearms and I noticed she was really in pain but trying to cover it up. I asked her if she wanted us to take her to the ER to be sure she was ok and she said no. She isn't a complainer and tries to downplay everything because she hates to worry us with all of the restaurant stress.
When we were getting ready to leave, our friends (the one with the husband with cancer) called and asked if we wanted to go have a drink and frankly after the day I had, I said SURE.
We were there for 10 minutes when my husbands brother called to ask me if I had noticed that his mom was quite jaundiced. I had not noticed but after talking to my BIL, we decided to take her to the ER here in town. I wanted to be sure the terrible doctor that was there during Mr. Funny's illness wasn't on call but the ER wouldn't tell me who was on call so we decided to take her to the hospital in the city, where my husband was treated last year.

Since tomorrow is a very busy day for us at work, I stayed home to try to get some sleep (right) and Molly had a little more poo for me (I locked her in the bathroom before we left for dinner but let her out before we went out for drinks)
Now it is raining again, more thunder and storm warnings and Molly is a mess.
I am having a cold beer and going to bed soon.
I talked to my sister who's boyfriend is a nurse and he mentioned my MIL probably has a gallstone in her bile duct so I am hoping everything will be fine.

On a different note.
Here is my pasta salad recipe. I made it up myself and I fix it different ways each time but everyone said this was the best batch I have made.
I use a box of tri-colored garden or regular rotini (spiral) pasta, cooked to al dente. I drain it and toss it with olive oil to keep it from sticking, then put it in the fridge to cool. I add chopped red onion, halved grape tomatoes, halved black olives, small pieces of raw broccoli, and fresh grated (not the powdered) parmesan cheese (or blue cheese crumbles, if you like). I usually make Good Seasons Italian dressing but this time I used Otts Creamy Italian in the bottle. I pour some in there, toss it and then add some ranch dressing too (I like Kraft but we make our own ranch dressing at work so sometimes I use that instead) and our seasoning that we make at work. Salt and Spice is a good seasoning mix as well. I use more Italian than ranch and then just taste it as I go. My husband like artichoke hearts in it too but I left them out this time. You could even throw in some cauliflower or carrots or whatever you like. 
This pasta goes well with steaks, chicken or as a meal when you are lazy like me. 

We had a ham, potato salad, pasta salad, fries (for the kids), watermelon, asparagus and peas for dinner with cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. It was simple and easy and we had tons of leftovers.

Here is the sweater I bought to wear for Easter. It is very soft and lightweight.
A very cheerful color to wear on a rainy Sunday.


  1. thanks for the pasta salad recipe! It sounds delicious and easy to make and can be varied in so many different ways depending on what you are serving! Your meal sounded good too. Sorry about your MIL; do hope she gets relief from her pain and a quicker visit than 5 weeks away!! Love the sweater; such a pretty color!

    I would imagine you will be very happy when the restaurant closes today; I'm sure holidays are a nightmare! And just think, Mother's Day in a few short weeks!!!


  2. Hope your MIL is feeling better soon. LOVE the color of that sweater. GORGEOUS! Hope you get a chance to kick your shoes off and relax before the day is done. HAPPY EASTER!


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