Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hunt

You guys are so sweet with your compliments on my hair!

My sister Mel did this fun product trial on her blog today, go over and check it out.
I am still on the fence about foundation but I have plenty left right now so I am putting it off.

I picked this up at my salon the other day:

Sunkissed Melon

What is your favorite mascara? (seriously, I know I have more than 8 readers but never any more comments)
I will never, ever spend more than $15 on mascara. 
I want something that doesn't dry out, has a large enough brush, doesn't clump, isn't waterproof, and makes my sad, white eyelashes thick and full.

 On a somewhat different note,
I have a love for Tide but I want to try this, has anyone used it?

Sometimes, you need to straighten your hair while waiting for that perfect kill. You grab your flat iron but it scares the deer/elk/turkeys away.
Next time, bring this:
On a serious note. If that special guy comes along who just loves hunting, and you want to plan your wedding/prom during hunting season, do it right.  
Camo Formal can take care of your needs. They even have decorating ideas and shoes. Shoes! And bags!
Halter style. The full skirt gives you room for dancing. Or squatting in a deer stand.


Trendy. Looks like snakes are slithering to your nether regions.

A clutch. Perfect for a lipgloss, a cell phone and a small Smith & Wesson

I found the perfect (for now) black flats for work. They are Easy Spirit (I put my teeth in before I went shopping) and I love them. Very comfortable!
They even look stylish with the gold studs.


  1. First off, love your flats..especially with the gold beads on them.
    I've never tried the laundry detergent, but I've heard of it. I use ALL in Lavender scent (which I was about to post on soon) and I love it! I was looking for an inexpensive detergent one day, thought I'd try it and I'm hooked.
    I think I'll try the Lash Blast. I use Cover Girl (blue container) but I'm not that crazy about it anymore. It tends to dry out quicker than before. I have shorter lashes on my left eye due to losing them after my radiation treatment and they never grew back as long as the right eye. So every time I put on mascara it takes me forever to get my lashes even. Hopefully Lash Blast will help!
    Thanks for the info! Loved your sisters post too! Very informative!

  2. I'm still looking for a mascara that I love. Most smear too easy.

    I have laundry detergent preference. I've recently started using the laundry sheets that you just toss in with your wash (can't remember the name and am too lazy to go look). They have the detergent and softner all in one sheet. I like that.

    I had to laugh about your Easy Spirit comment. I think of them as for the older generation (of which I am one!) but they sure can be comfy. You sure found a cute pair.

    Later! Dang it is cold out today!

  3. i use l'oreal telescopic and it is great for lashes that are sparse. i don't have many lashes. well, i didn't, but i have more now. i have glaucoma and started using the drops and now my lashes have become fuller. and this mascara helps. i hope it works for you.

  4. I'm still looking for the perfect mascara.

    I would totally wear the first pair of camoflauge shoes, but that dress is fugly!

  5. so glad you found the flats! Knowing how many hours you spend on your feet at work, it is good you found something that worked! I can't imagine wearing either one of those pairs of shoes!

    have a great Sunday!


  6. The shoes are actually cute! The camo chi is cool...but the camo dress and high heels...LAWD that's too much...I live in GA and haven't even seen that here which is amazing! Thats all thats worn in the small towns during deer hunting season!
    Love your hair!


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