Friday, May 20, 2011

For Fashion Friday, let us first discuss my hair.
Grey tank- Gap, lilac top- Gap, beads- Forever 21, lilac flats (not shown) Gap

I am 41. I have a braid. I feel foolish.
I had her cut it a bit shorter than last time and stack it more in the back and she added a gloss to it so it stays shiny and healthy until the next time she bleaches the hell out of it. My color was fine.

Also, it rained on my today so my hairs looked better hours ago.
She insisted on the braid and everyone at work complimented me although I am quite sure they were just being nice because I sign their paychecks.

In a desperate attempt to enhance my wardrobe, I did a little online shopping this week.

Ruche (on sale)

Charlotte Russe (on sale)

Mia Maderiann sandals, Piperlime (on sale half price)

I usually stay away from heels because of my inability to walk without tripping in even the flattest shoes but I have wanted a pair of wedges for a while and the Born ones I really wanted were $100 so I am going to try these out first to see if I break my neck in them.

After I got my hair cut this morning, I stopped by work for a sandwich and got stuck working on the menu changes again and really, I just want to scream.
The employees were talking about some moron who says the world is ending tomorrow which really ticks me off because my new tops and sandals won't be here by then so I may never know if I can in fact wear a heel.
They also mentioned that the world is supposed to end next year in December and I hope it is after my annual birthday trip because again, I will be pissed.

I am not too worried. I doubt anyone really knows except for God and he ain't telling.

I have nothing else so I will go now.
Have a great weekend and live like it is your last day! Ha!


  1. You have a great sense of style- love the blog background! I went through a pigtail phase last year and I just might do it again...

  2. I like your braid! makes you look younger! like your purchaes too! of course the world won't end tomorrow; you are right only God knows and he says it will be totally unexpected, I don't know why people think they can "out guess" God.

    have a great weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, because I know we'll be hearing from each other next week!


  3. I think the braid is really cute!

  4. LOL! You think YOU'LL be pissed if the world ends tomorrow. If it does end, I'm spending my last days on the 5th tee of a golf course taking team photos that'll never be seen by anyone!

    You enjoyed your hair the end, (ha) that's all that matters!

  5. Personally I think the braid is awesome. Really cool. You look stunning. Those wedges are neat. I used to wear similar ones back in the 70's. Meanwile, I hope the world doesn't end... still have to cut the grass. It's been too wet from all the rain.

  6. If the world ended yesterday, how is it going to end next December? It is all so very confusing lol. What a crock of... Glad you are going to get to wear your new clothing and shoes. Those shoes look dangerous to me. Good luck!

    I like the braid.

  7. aww, love it!! the braid and the shortness. very nice. and i love the ruche top. may have to get that. i have a pair of dansko's that look almost identical to those sandal's!! i love them. you would think they would be awkward. but they are comfortable and well, i am not the most graceful, but i haven't stumbled. but you are in a work force, so i am not sure. be careful.

    and you are right about the world not ending, see? we did make it! people are so stupid!! i don't know why they have to give Christian's bad name. making predictions they have know right making, and then belly-aching when it doesn't come true!! go figure!!

    well, you have a great week. i have some packing to do. i am going to my daughter's next sunday for the birth of her 2nd baby girl! i've procrastinated too long. be good!

  8. I like the braid! The shirts are cute, too!

  9. O.M.G. You are 41? Your skin is GORGEOUS and looks like it belongs on a 20 year old.

    Freckled, wrinkled and jealous here in Denver.


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