Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am so over this weather. Rain, tornadoes, lightning, more rain, more tornadoes.

Every single channel is broadcasting from Joplin. It is in your face all day. Maybe instead of all of them standing there talking about the devastation, they should help dig for missing people. Just my opinion.

I cleaned closets all last week. I collected 5 bags of clothes and shoes for Goodwill. My own closet is so organized now but I still want to get rid of a few more things.

Our band director is close with the Joplin band director and he decided to help on a smaller scale. He urged our kids to help their peers, kids they compete with every year, and donate what they could. In one day alone, they collected new and gently used clothing, shoes, hygeine products and money. I dropped off 2 bags and a check this morning and I still felt like it was too little. 

this is a photo of just one of the neighborhoods, there are too many more to count

The last day of school is Thursday. Amen to that.

We took my MIL for her blood test yesterday. (It rained like crazy complete with the foreboding skies and lightening the entire way.) She is doing well except that her pain meds make her sick as a dog. They are working on fixing it. She hasn't lost any more weight, which is great. While she was at her appt. we went to Sam's to pick up stuff to stock our garage fridge for summer. While Mr. Funny wandered around aimlessly, I filled the cart with every imaginable soda. We are healthy around here.
I was rushing around immersed in my own brain when I happened upon pallet after pallet of water. 8 feet tall. It all was all wrapped in plastic and was labeled 'sold '. Then it hit me. It was being moved with a forklift to the front of the store and loaded on a Salvation Army truck. On it's way to Joplin. And here I am with my stupid books and soda.

I am going to Tulsa this weekend. It can NOT come soon enough. 

I got my sandals today. I opened them and they are so cute but I haven't tried them on yet.

The little one turns 16 on the 4th. My husband picked up his gift today but on the off-chance he reads this, I cannot tell. 

My sister Mel bid on a house. It is beautiful complete with a pool, huge yard, gym and hot tub. Our fingers are crossed that the inspections come clean. I have always wanted a pool and we have lots of room for one but I hate the price tag of one so I will live at borrow hers.

I am not going to cut my hair this short again. It wants to flip up and I am displeased with this. That extra 2 inches was too far. Also, there will be no more braids.

Did y'all watch Bachelorette  last night? My husband watched for 6 minutes and declared that his brain cells were purposely committing suicide. It was bad. But when all there is left is tornado footage, you need some mindlessness to get through the day. And I am shallow and love to see the clothes and locations.

My husband's aunt offered to come over next week and help me plant the rest of the stuff I bought for my pond area. I am delighted. She and my MIL spent the entire day shopping and buying flowers and shrubs. My MIL always has the best landscaping but this year, it is beyond words. Her sister wants her to have something beautiful to enjoy while she beats cancers ass.

My cousin, who I haven't seen or talked to in 10 years friended me on FB yesterday. She saw the storm damage and was worried. She is my mom's brother's daughter and she reminds me of my mom so much.

I finally bought The Help. I have wanted to read it for months and now the movie is coming out this summer. 
I also bought this:

Friday I took 3 teenagers to see the Pirates movie on opening night. My treat. I just dropped them off and paid. $33. Yes. This was the movie alone. It was in 3D. Holy schnockers. 

Saturday night, we met our friends for drinks. We spent the entire night talking about our favorite vacation spots. They want us to take a cruise with them in Oct. I want to introduce them to Eureka Springs. We all want to go to Hawaii. They adore Mexico. We cannot wait to go to our friends house in the Bahamas. We are all stuck here instead. *sigh

More bad storms tonight and tomorrow are predicted so stay on top of the prayers.


  1. I can't imagine the destruction; glad you guys were able to help out a bit! I'm sure you will enjoy your weekend away; hope your sister gets that house. Having a family member with a pool is a good thing! you get to enjoy it and not have to deal with the expense of maintaining it.

    happy early birthday to Little One. How can he be turning 16? I'm sure the present will be great!!

    take care of yourself; prayers for all


  2. I can not get over the destruction...so sad.

    I'm totally with Betty on the pool thing - let Mel have the hassle and you just enjoy it. You can provide the umbrella drinks. ha.

    Wow 16! Yikes. Does he get to drive your car? Aaccck

  3. you KNOW I watched the bachlorette!! my hubbie saw it coming on and went to the new casino down the road! Did you like THE HELP? It's sitting on my book shelf- i'm reading the girl with the dragon tattoo- LOVE!
    No more braids? Does that mean I should stop the piggy tails?

  4. Hi i love reading your blog what sort of restaurant do you have? Obviously i will never visit as too far away!!! I had to laugh at the price of the tickets(movie) they would have cost $22.00 each here so that would have been $66.00!!! Anyway love reading what you get up to very entertaining!!!

  5. The Help is a great book. Enjoy!

    I'm actually contemplating NOT watching this season of the Bachelorette. That first one was nearly unwatchable. And I didn't really like her to begin with.

  6. All this RAIN! RAIN! is depressing. And the devastation mindboggling and so sad. I couldn't believe it when I saw The Beach Trees book you showed. I just bought it on Amazon. And I have The Help too. I want a swimming pool so-oo bad. Lucky you will get to enjoy your sisters.


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