Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Took Your Advice. Are You Happy Now?

I want you to know that I listened to the advice you all gave me.

Women's Multi, Fruit Festiv, B Complex with C, Omega 3,6 & 9 and Zyrtec.

I have turned into my grandfather.
When I was little, I remember his kitchen counter was covered in pill bottles. I suppose he could have been a drug dealer but if I have my facts straight, he was more of a drinker. Anywho, I was fascinated with watching him swallow all those pills and can you guess who had a pill-swallowing phobia til just recently?
Uh huh.
It was quite a show, let me tell you. I had some or other type of throat infection every few weeks of my entire childhood, it seems, and my dad would give me my antibiotic and stand there until I swallowed it. Which really? Not helpful. 
The more he forced me to swallow the pills, the more constricted my throat got and I was sweating and hysterical and mom would be back there saying, "oh Al, just leave her alone" or "honey, just chew it up real fast". They should have just stuck it in a hotdog and poked it down my throat as big of a hissy I threw.
Eventually, I wore them down and they would get me the thick, pink Amoxicillin liquid which was worse because of the texture (and smell) but I could hold my nose and choke it down and superquickly chase it with 7Up. It had to be taken 3 times a day instead of once like the pill so dad brought it to school at lunchtime and I remember sitting in the van one time and the stuff went down. And right back up it came. On my dad, his van and my Nike's. 
I had strep throat so I HAD to take it so we played again. This time, I barely got it down and it stayed.

For years, all I took was chewable St. Joseph aspirin (where were the inventors of the melt away pills when I was a kid??)
At some point a few years ago, I had a headache at work and someone gave me some sort of smallish caplet of ibuprofen. It went down. Then I got shingles and they gave me these horse pills. I was so miserable, I threw them in my mouth and took a big chug of water, threw my head back and they were gone.

I was cured!!!!!!!

Sadly, my sister D also has the pill phobia. 

To end this story, I have to take 11 pills a day. ELEVEN.
I can swallow 3 at a time. After I swallow like 6, my throat starts the constricting thing and I have to take a few breaths and think happy thoughts like warm sunshine and the perfect lipgloss. Eleven.
So I take all of the ones above plus my CoQ10, Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil.

We went to Sam's Club this morning to pick up the roses we hand out to the moms at work (customers and employees) every Mother's Day. We got 250 roses plus a huge hydrangea plant, a mixed flower arrangement for my MIL and a mini potted rose bush (plus our eleventy million bottles of vitamins and such) and drove the hour it takes to get home. Near the 30 minute mark, my eyes were so itchy I wanted to claw them out. Nose was itchy, stuffy. It was ugly. So my husband stopped at the next exit and I ran in Walgreen's for Zyrtec.

The fruit and veggie pills I got say they are compared to Juice Plus, which Mel recommended but they were cheaper. The B Complex has all the B's I need.

I got my Gap order today and everything fits and is cute.

Our new sign for work is being installed tomorrow. 

Has anyone tried these chips? They are sooo good!

I am not starting my pill adventure until tomorrow and if I start feeling better and have more energy, I will have no idea which pill worked.


  1. When taking a pill, put it in your mouth, drink water then tilt your head forward (NOT back) and see if that helps. Tilting your head back will close your throat more (test it by breathing through your mouth). Hope this helps.

  2. good luck with all the vitamins! hope it helps you feel a bit better with energy!! I'm not a pill taker, I dread the day I have to take any, however, I think I could give myself a shot......

    hang in there and I hope you have a happy mother's day! I'm sure your MIL will enjoy the plant!!


  3. You just reminded me I need to take my pills. I have never had a problem with pills, but I could never stand the pink stuff! Gross! My kids loved it, though. Now they have different flavors you can add to their meds.

  4. i take the fish oil one at bedtime so if i burp it up, I don't know it... Ewww!
    Happy Mothers Day weekend Mama!!

  5. It will be a combo of all the pills, but especially the B and the multi. I'd be interested to read about your Juice Plus-type pills. Send me the name of them. or I could click on your picture. I take 11 vitamins a day plus 3 pills that keep me from the jail cell. That's a lot of drugs to keep me awake and safe.


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